Thursday, January 15, 2009

IDS:WEEKEND Magazine...Men's Fashion Trends In The New Year

Every year is filled with new fashion trends, and it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. With the help of Jamie Shieken, IU alumnus and current Associate Account Executive for Perry Ellis International in Miami, I’m here to give you five top fashion trends to capitalize on this year.

Raw Denim
With a new year comes a new way of thinking about ordinary attire. While washed jeans are the norm, design companies are now displaying jeans in raw denim. These rugged versions of your everyday pull-ups are soon to be a mainstay here in the Midwest. Jamie Shieken happens to be a believer in the product. He said raw denim is currently very popular.

“There’s usually lots of work that goes into jeans with all of the different washes there are these days,” he said. “But raw denim is completely untouched.”

You should refrain from washing the jeans for 9 to 24 months. Once you do wash them, do not dry them. Just let them hang in order to preserve their natural, quality look. Wear them frequently to lock in the natural stress marks, which will make them more comfortable.

Where to get the look: Ed Hardy and G-Star Raw

The idea of wrapping a piece of fabric around your neck may seem feminine and unappealing to your inner “frat boy” ego. But European men have been wrapping their necks for ages, and they’re the most fashionable men on the planet. To spice things up, make like an Italian and show off an interesting color like lilac or lime green. The best scarves come in cashmere and pashmina, but they’re also more expensive. To lessen the hit on your wallet, opt for lambswool or cotton.

A scarf should be somewhere in your wardrobe.

“They are now applicable in any weather,” said Shieken, though I’d be careful in the summer months.

Where to get the look: Ralph Lauren, Club Room, Burberry

Slim Fit
“Fit is king,” Shieken said. “Men are much more fit-conscious these days.”

Guys everywhere are sporting a more tapered look. As the temperature rises, we’re going to see shorts with a more tailored look as well.

Where to get the look: Calvin Klein and Alfani suits at Macy’s , Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic

Italian Influence
Italian clothes tend to be more tailored, colorful and chic. Italian men are serious about their clothes. It’s about an attitude of custom-made fluid sophistication. This spring and summer, look for louder colors to take center stage. Embrace a colorful, wide-collared shirt with a big tie knot.

Where to get the look: Macy’s, Andrew Davis Menswear

High Water Pants
Take a gander at pictures from Scott Schuman’s blog The Sartorialist and it won’t take you long to find grown men walking around with their bare ankles showing. It may look silly, but it’s a growing trend that will only get bigger in the new year. You can find high water pants in denim, cotton, wool or khaki. Last semester I witnessed a decent number of guys sporting high water jeans, and the look has grown on me.

Where to get the look: Black Fleece by Thom Browne at Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s

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I don't believe the high water pant thing is going to catch on. Didn't Kanye recently wear some with big Steve Urkel glasses? HEY! You should talk about how he said he will do a bisexual porno to "expand his artistic horizons." That's a HOT topic right now. He said it wouldn't matter if it was him and two dudes but he's "not gay." Does it still count if the camera man's a woman Kanye?!