Monday, November 30, 2009

My Black (But Pleasant) Friday

Allow me to rewind back to Black Friday. It was a great day for me, not because I was able to capitalize on some great deals (I only scored one), but just because the main objective of the day was shopping. People line up at 4am just to catch the best deals and people storm department stores like there's no tomorrow. I actually had a friend who asked me to shop with her at 4:30am (at first, I agreed to, but then wised up). While many people may dread a day like this, I thoroughly enjoyed it. For one, I'm a people-watcher. I like to see what people do, what they wear, how they act, what they look like, etc. Secondly, I just love to shop and any excuse to ad new duds to my closet is cool with me.

I didn't go overboard on this day, as I am now constantly looking for quality, not quantity. I bought clothes from two of my favorite stores. Two sweaters from the Gap (they were buy one, get one free) and a nice, slim monochromatic-schemed blazer from H&M. It's one of my best buys of the year. I've displayed them below.

Rugby Striped Crewneck

Striped Sleeve V-neck Sweater

Winter Collection H&M Blazer

Morning Muse: Leighton Meester for GQ

I've never seen Gossip Girl. Nor am I a girl who gossips. Nevertheless, I've found Leighton Meester to be unavoidable. Her look is both sexy and relaxed and on top of that she's said to be a "guy's girl" by one of her Gossip co-stars, Chase Crawford. In addtion to acting she's got an album set to be released in January 2010. Her first single, "Somebody to Love" features Robin
Thicke and yes, she's that girl on Cobra Starship's "Girl Girls Go Bad". Very fitting since on Gossip, the 23 year-old Meester plays Blair Waldorf, a ball of bitchiness, predominance and sensitivity - nothing like Meester. "Blair is so controlling and such a worrier; Leighton is relaxed," says co-star Ed Westwick to GQ. That's too bad, as this leaves Meester's fans with that much less to gossip about. Check out the full article on Meester here.

Morning Video: Diddy f/ Dirty Money - "Love Come Down"

Diddy has released his second single off his upcoming album Last Train to Paris titled, "Love Come Down" as a part of his new trio, Dirty Money. Riding with Diddy are Dawn Richard of the now defunct Danity Kane and songwriter Kalenna Harper. The performance-focused video shows Diddy dancing - alot, which you'll either love or hate. Either way, it's nice to see Diddy grooving again. The track itself reminds me of old Bad Boy records fused with today's modern dance phase in hip-hop/R&B, as does the video. Last Train to Paris is set to release early next year. You better believe I'll be coppin' it. and as Diddy would say (via Twitter), LETS GOOOOOOOO!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Morning Video: Rihanna - "Wait Your Turn"

Rihanna is back with the release of her fourth album Rated R. "Wait Your Turn" was the first single/video released from the album. It's dark, chic, avant garde and daring - all of which I love. The song goes so hard and I'm feeling her new look, as I'm into that sort of thing right now. Especially since I'm delving deeper into the fashion and music world together. Rihanna is doin' her thing. The wait is most definitely over. Be excited!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"

I think I watched this video 10 times last night. It's amazing how Gaga continues to stay ahead of her time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Video: La Roux - "Bulletproof"

On most mornings I like to have my own Wake ‘n Watch session by turning to music video channels on my TV. The other day there was this infectious electronica, dance beat thumping from my TV speakers that I couldn’t ignore. After running from my bathroom to leap in front of the TV I saw a pale, boyish, European-looking girl singing with a stoic look on her face. Though, there was nothing stoic about her voice.

This girl was Elly Jackson, on half of European electropop duo La Roux (the other is synth player/producer Ben Langmaid). The group hails from Brixton, England and lists the likes of Annie Lennox, David Bowie, Madonna and Prince as influences.
Listening to the snippets of their self-titled debut album on iTunes reminded me of a high-sprung electro dance party (though, I’ve never been to one, but would love to go). I’m planning on buying it soon and finding out more about La Roux.

LA ROUX 'BULLETPROOF' from soyo on Vimeo.