Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will the Real Floyd Mayweather Please Stand Up?

I love Floyd Mayweather, but I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about here.

In my opinion Floyd should be fighting Shane Mosley because Mosley is the welterweight champion and that’s where Floyd needs to be fighting.

Sure he’ll probably take out Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight that will be harder than he thinks, but he should’ve gone after one of the main fighters at the top of the sport, or their divisions anyway – Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley.

Everyone talks about the potential of a mega fight between Pacquiao and Floyd, well lets see it Floyd! Why just go after the guy who called you out? Why not just come back and face the new pound for pound best? Marquez is no easy tune up fight anyway and if its money he seeks, there’s lots of it to be made with both Pacquiao and Mosley.

Pacquiao may not be the biggest cash cow now that Floyd has come out of retirement but he is certainly second. Mosley sold out the Staples Center and if he were to fight Floyd it’d almost be just as big as the Pacquiao fight here in the United States (over seas is another story).

I think in this interview Floyd is way out of line on many different levels. First of all, he shouldn’t be disrespecting Brian Kenny like that. Kenny has done a lot for the sport of boxing and is one of the key reasons boxing is growing on ESPN. He brings knowledge to the channel that few other sportscasters have.

Secondly, I’ve heard Floyd’s a pretty good guy. Just last week I listened to a radio show on ESPN and the boxing analyst stated that he has had many pleasant interviews with Floyd where he was acting normal. But when “Money Mayweather” comes out its like an entirely different person. Sometimes I’m okay with it because I feel like he’s my alternate personality or something – everybody gets cocky sometimes. But other times it just bothers me, and I hate saying that. I wish he’d just speak more respectfully to people at times. The thing is, I know its just an act but even an act can go too far. Just ask Joe Frazier about Muhammad Ali.

I hope Floyd beats Marquez – actually I want him to knock him out. I also hope he ends up fighting either Pacquiao or Mosley, or both at some point. But I just want him to go about it the right way. Don’t take things so far and tell your family to chill out on being so disrespectful all of the time too. They’re not even fighting.

I’m still a Floyd Mayweather fan and I will always root for him, but I just wish to see more Floyd Mayweather and less “Money Mayweather”.

Lebron and Kobe Babysit Lil' Dez

This video is HILARIOUS! The voice of Lil' Dez is done by kid actor, Bobbe' J. Thompson. He's acted in Role Models, Fred Claus and 30 Rock among other movies and shows. He's so damn funny! Check it out!

Friday, May 29, 2009

This Is So Fly! - Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie is Sizzling from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Ryan Leslie Making "Gibberish"

Ryan Leslie is one of the best musicians out today. He's a songwriter, producer and R&B artist who appreciates the subtle aesthetics and details of music. I love this video of him recording the song, "Gibberish" from his self-titled album, Ryan Leslie. When I first saw the name of the track on the back of the CD case, I wondered what the song could be about. Once I listened to it I realized the song is exactly that - gibberish.

There's no actual real words in the song. There's only syllables used to give the person singing the song an idea of how real words can be used with the song and what they might sound like. Apparently, songwriters do this, only they don't make the song like this and put it on their album.

What Leslie did is make gibberish a work of art. He recorded every sound in the song himself, as he often-times does with all of his songs. It seems like the song originally contained words, only he used gibberish instead. Nonsensical words never sounded so good. Here's a brief explanation of the video in Leslie's own words.

Songwriters sometimes sing unintelligible syllables to lay down a guide melody during the creative process. Here's an amusing example of this with my voice running through a very strict pitch correction processor.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jonah Hill Covers June/July Issue of Complex

Dude is funny as hell! I'll pretty much watch any movie he's in.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kanye West On Hot 97 From '08

This radio interview was done back in November, 2008 but it I love it because Kanye gives you insight to why he is the way he is. I ain't gonna say much. Just watch (or listen to) the video and peep the freestyle at the end. It's dope!

Kanye West and J. Sakiya Sandifer relase book, Thank You and You’re Welcome

I woke up last week at 8a.m. after just four hours of sleep (I had been up partying the night before) just to see Kanye and co-author, J. Sakiya Sandifer talk about their book, Thank You and You’re Welcome for all of maybe 5 to 10 minutes. I have to get this book. I want it because it's so simple, philosophical and, oh yeah, it's by Kanye! Here's a video of Kanye and Sandifer explaining a little about the book on

"Think It. Say It. Do it. People who say what they think & then do what they say generally live fulfilled lives." - J. Sakiya Sandifer

Chic Book: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Chloe Sevigny has long been one of my favorite muses. To me, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world today. She has a unique look and style to her that is tapped by few in acting or fashion realms.

I loved her in the movie Kids and she is my favorite in HBO's Polygamist drama, Big Love. She plays her role as Nicolette Grant, a false prophet's daughter and one of three wives in a polygamist family so well that if she's a bitch in the show, you may see her that way in real life. That's the mark of a true actress or actor. But she's really not a bitch - I don't think.

Her style is part 80's part couture-modern 2000's. She brings a sense of elegance to her style as well. She's not afraid to step outside the box a little. I love people like that, as they embody what many of us want to be.

Last year she released a book called Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. I remembered hearing about this book when it came out, but just never bought it. I will soon. You can buy the book at Urban Outfitters on sale. Below are the details of the book.

Now anybody can raid Chloe Sevigny's wardrobe! Re-inventing the looks of 1989 for 2008, Sevigny has designed her first collection for the discerning New York/Los Angeles boutique Opening Ceremony.

It's a concise and carefully assembled collection, comprised of 40 pieces, and this volume presents each of them as photographed by Mark Borthwick, who first shot Sevigny for Purple magazine 10 years ago. The collection was inspired by the teen fashions of the late 80s and early 90s in Connecticut and New York, where Sevigny grew up, and further inflected by the looks of "women who are outrageous yet effortless - Liz Goldwyn, Cecilia Dean, Angelica Houston, Marlene Dietrich, Debbie Harry, Poison Ivy, Slim Keith, Patti Smith."

In Sevigny's vision, calico and Liberty prints might be matched with gingham check trousers - each piece evokes a look but can be combined to many ends. In this mix-and-match volume, in which each page is split into two separately flip-able sections, Sevigny models each ensemble with a minimum of fuss, allowing the clothes to speak for themselves. Borthwick's ethereal photographs are complemented with drawings by Marika Thunder, Rita Ackerman, Lizzie Bougatsos, Benjamin Cho, Dan Colen, Matt Damhave, Amy Gartrel, Lily Ludlow and Spencer Sweeney. Made in the USA. Wipe clean.
* Publisher: Opening Ceremony
* Wire bound, 50 pages
* 7.5"w ,10"h

Bestselling Author Gay Talese Shows Off His Style

Meet Gay Talese. He's a 77 year-old author and a pioneer of New Journalism. He's written articles on Joe DiMaggio, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra (thanks Wikipedia) in addition to writing several books like Thy Neighbor's Wife, Honor Thy Father and The Kingdom and the Power.

Gay also has a very elaborate, extensive wardrobe full of suits including three-button, two-button and double breasted in every fabric you can imagine that makes sense to be on a suit.

What I love most about Gay is he takes you back to an era when men wore suits almost daily. They not only wore them to work but to ball games, parties, concerts, to get the newspaper, etc. It was a gentleman-ly way of life. I wish we could go back to that. You know, the classic style of the 1930's through the 60's. I love the looks they had. Gay also loves to get his suits altered to his liking, not just getting them cut to fit, but adding color and detail as well. He admits to not being a tailor, so, instead he uses his imagination and creativity to describe what he wants done to give his suits and extra punch and gentleman-like quality. Enjoy the video below.

Michelle Obama on Cover of TIME Magazine

“…My message to women, if anything, over the course of this, is, find your space. Find your spot. Wear what you love. Choose the careers that may have meaning to you." - Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has the grace the cover of lots of magazines over the past year, but this one might be one of the best cover stories. Actually, I have yet to read the entire story written by Nancy Gibbs Michael Scherer, but this cover has caught me like none other. Not even her Oprah Magazine cover made me want to delve into the magazine this much. Michelle seems to be an amazing woman and she is captivating and inspiring not only women all over the world, but men too. It doesn't matter who you are, she makes you take notice. She's not only the first black First Lady, but she's the first iconic First Lady in my lifetime...Oh and I love her fashion sense too.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie "Never Back Down" Is Very Motivating

I saw this movie for the first time today and I couldn't change the channel. I know the acting in this movie isn't the greatest, but the fight scenes are pretty good. It made me want to go work out immediately (too bad the YMCA wasn't open today). It's made me want to work my butt off even more. Though he's probably a lot smaller than me, I'd like for my body to look like Cam Gigandet's in this movie. It's ripped to shreds. That's what I'm aiming for and I don't care what my weight is.

Anyways, the fighting is motivating and Amber Heard, the female love interest in the movie, is very hot. Go get this movie. Oh, and the soundtrack is good for working out too.

Old School Video: Slum Village - "Selfish"

This is probably one of my top 25 all-time favorite videos.

Lebron and Kobe...Kinda

Friday, May 22, 2009

IDS: Spring into gingham for the workplace

It’s spring, so you should start dressing like it – elegantly, if you can. If you’re working this summer, you may see men dressed in the same old, plain button-downs day after day.

I’m not saying that wearing those shirts is bad, but why not diversify your look? Step out of the traditional man uniform and make people take notice. I say go gingham.

Go in any of your local retail clothing stores and ask them to show you their gingham shirts. The chances are they’ll make like children and either run away from you to seek the manager or look at you like you have eight heads.

I usually get both reactions. (I walked in Von Maur the other day, and I might as well have asked them to give me the equation for NFL quarterback ratings.)

Gingham is a yarn-dyed, plain weave fabric that is available in a variety of weights and qualities. In other words, it’s the plaid, checkered pattern you see on picnic blankets or the checkerboard prints. The fabric has been around since the 17th century, when it was imported to England and then America.

It’s a classic design aesthetically detailed in a way that makes you look more distinguished and laid-back at the same time. The checkered pattern is bound to make you stand out in many instances.

Gingham shirts tend to work particularly well with navy, gray and khaki suits for summer, as long as you keep the tie basic. Let the shirt speak for itself. An overstated tie with a gingham shirt (especially those in bright colors) will make you look like a clown. The shirt also looks great without a tie and a solid-colored blazer.

Wear it with a dark tie, a pair of dark-wash jeans cuffed at the bottom, with a pair of brown dress shoes and you’ve instantly gained a twee bit of southern gentleman. Think Georgia-based designer Sid Mashburn.

The best in the business to do gingham shirts includes Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and Thomas Pink. But the greatest thing about this print is you can find it everywhere, from the high fashion boutiques to the lower retailers such as Old Navy or Urban Outfitters.

My favorite gingham shirt is actually designed by Merona from Target. It has a medium width, black-and-white checkered pattern and fits closely to my body. However, the higher-end shirts promise to contain fabric of a higher quality, which means they’ll keep their form longer and feel better draped on your body.

Chances are you already have a few gingham shirts in your closet. Embrace them this spring and summer. Choose brighter colors that deliver a punch and act as if you knew this trend was hot all along.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Fray Sing Kanye West's "Heartless"

Klaus Biesenbach's Desolate But Chic Apartment

I saw a feature on Klaus' apartment while watching CBS News Sunday Morning last weekend the apartment kind of blew me away - not because of how beautiful it is, but from how empty it is. But I did like his idea decoration. He said he didn't need pictures on the walls because he saw the city as his pictures and art. That's why he has no curtains or drapes. The colors of the city give the apartment it's color - other than black and white that is. Though, there's nothing in the apartment, there's a certain chic element to it that I can't really explain. It's strangely interesting but I couldn't do it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Onion Video: Police Find Fire Evidence At Drunken Party...VERY FUNNY

Ah, makes me think of the Little 500 week. This video is true on so many levels - minus the fire. I have to give a toast to technology for this one.

Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes

Watch CBS Videos Online

Thursday, May 14, 2009

IDS Article: South Jordan To Compete for $100,000 Prize at Florida Music Festival

I interviewed South Jordan this week about their invite to play at the annual Florida Music Festival. They are a very cool group of guys who are determined but humble. It was joy speaking with them. I listened to their music via their website and it's very good - and I'm not just saying that because I spoke to them. They have a hint of The Fray and One Republic in them, but they are their own band. I've just become a fan of theirs. Below is the article I wrote.

A little more than a year ago, IU seniors Bobby Campbell and Mike Chan realized they couldn’t sing – not even a little bit.

But with a vast amount of creativity and the ability to play instruments (Campbell plays the piano and guitar and Chan plays the synthesizer), they knew more was needed to fulfill their dreams of starting a band.

In came junior Michael David Hall.

From there, senior Greg Olsten was brought in to play drums and Andrew Moore to play bass.

As Hall talks, he lowers his voice and explains his abhorrence for “Katie,” a fictional girl he regrets meeting who inspired a song from the band’s six-song EP “Only Halfway,” which comes out in July on iTunes and Amazon Music.

The band is set to play Saturday for the final day of the Florida Music Festival, which began Wednesday. The festival takes place in downtown Orlando, Fla., and boasts more than 250 performers ranging in all types of music from heavy rock to hip-hop.

South Jordan was invited to perform by the event’s sponsor, Bonded Records, which will be offering $100,000 to the winning band to go toward recording an album with the label.

Hall said the band could certainly use the money, as much of what it’s earned from playing gigs and winning competitions has gone toward financing the band or to local charities.

But the band’s main focus is not on winning but on entertaining the fans and growing the band.

“It’s all about getting the audience to jump up and down,” Hall said. “We want to see people come up to us after the show and ask us for more info about the band.”

They’ve had to record day and night, many times neglecting their school work. Late night study sessions have been traded in for hours spent working on music in Bloomington’s Farm Fresh Studios. They’ve had to fight through conflicts and the lack of recognition to get to this point.

“It’s hard, trying to get five college schedules to work together to rehearse and go out and do shows,” Campbell said. “We’ve played shows in front of five or six people before, but it’s a part of the learning process. We’re still learning and still trying to grow our fan base.”

In that learning process, Farm Fresh Studios has been their classroom. It’s that studio where they’ve bonded as a band, sometimes spending 12 hours in one session, Hall said.

It’s that ambition that keeps these five students out to show the world that South Jordan is more than just a street in Bloomington. It’s also helped them to grow their fan base, as they already have a following in countries such as Malaysia, Germany and France.

“We have to get on MySpace at least two hours a day responding to messages from fans,” Hall said. “IU helps give us live show experience. It challenges us being hard-core musicians and students at the same time even though we’re not making money. It is a full-time job.”

After they perform in Orlando, they’ll put whatever money they have into trips to Cincinnati and Chicago, where they’ll perform gigs. It’s all in an effort to get their name out there because, as Hall said, “It’s all about the band.”

“We’re very passionate about our music and the end goal is to reach a mass audience,” Hall said. “We want to touch the biggest amount of people we can. We’re not going to sell out. Some people change their sound to get a record company to look at them, but it’s not about changing our sound. It’s about having fun and writing music that means a lot to us.”

While they want to be even more successful, they refuse to compromise who they are as a band for anyone, not even $100,000.

“The most important part is not always the notes I’m singing, but what’s behind the words and people getting the meaning of our songs,” Hall said. “I want to project that on stage.”

American Idol: Kris Allen sings "Heartless"

I loved this rendition of Kanye's "Heartless" by Kris Allen. I didn't think he was all that before this performance but he killed it. I'd love to hear him do more Kanye songs. lol. Okay, maybe not. But kudos to Kris for this one.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wanda Sykes' Comedy Routine at the White House

Wanda Sykes has always been funny and she did not disappoint during her routine at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. While she's certain to cause lots of controversy with her jokes about George Bush, Sarah Palin and Sen. John McCain, and, especially Rush Limbaugh - you have to hear that one. Pretty much any Republican she speaks about will cause some angry water cooler talk among conservatives for the next month. I loved all of it. Here is the routine in two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Know It's Late In the Day but Happy Mother's Day!

This video touched my heart when I saw it. I can remember watching this in, I think it was, 2004 on MTV. It's Kanye West singing "Hey Mama" to and with his late mother, Donda West. Just watch, enjoy and be touched.

Launching of Matthew Williamson Spring/Summer '09 Line For H&M

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mia Sings "Heartless" On MTV's Taking The Stage

I was pleasantly surprised to see Mia singing this song. It ain't Kanye, but I liked her rendition. I love her voice and hope that she gets signed soon if she hasn't already. Whenever she releases her album I'll be sure to buy it!

WTF Manny?

This morning I turned to ESPN2 to watch ESPN Radio's Colin Herd on his talk radio show, The Herd. While listening (and watching) I learned that Los Angeles Dodgers slugger, Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games for violating Major League Baseball's drug policy.

Jose Conseco called it two months ago, when he wrote on Twitter (yes, Twitter), "Of the 103 unnamed players on the list who tested positive for steroids in 2003, Manny Ramirez's name is most likely on the list, 90%." I'm not sure if Manny was, in fact, on that list but he did fail the piss test.

At this moment no ones allowed to say Manny tested positive for steroids, but tha he "failed a test for MLB's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program." Whatever. Is it steroids he was on? I don't know. I'm sure it wasn't Coco Puffs.

It's been rumored that what Manny took was an over-the-counter drug called HCG. It's a drug known to boost sex drive and is often-times used by people recovering from steroid use and want to bring their testosterone levels back up.

The Yankees' Alex Rodriguez has been one of my favorite players for sometime now, and when I heard about him I about fell out of my chair. while I haven't had the same love for Manny, honestly, I'm shocked. I saw Manny as a goofball who tried to make himself aloof and someone who wants to be different. I always assumed he was one of the "good guys." So much for that. I actually have given nearly all players the benefit of the doubt. Now, I have no idea. Who's next? Jeter, Griffey, Pujols? It makes me wonder about every damn sport. Hell, next we'll find out Dora the Explorer carries around steroids and syringes in her backpack. This whole debacle is messing with fans' minds and is teaching young fans the wrong lesson - that cheating is okay as long as you are a good player, make millions or don't get caught.

Jalen Rose was on The Herd this morning and weighed in on the subject. He made a great point about how baseball is partially to blame saying, "MLB is officially the new WWF. All they need is (Vince) McMahon." He went on to say baseball has done so much to up the scoring like tighten the baseball, lowering the pitches mound, bringing in the fences to allow for more home runs, and who knows what else. It's getting a little ridiculous, if you ask me.

I'm not sure what to think about Manny now. Will I watch him? Probably. I still watch A-Rod after all his crap. But they've heavily tainted my love for the game. And maybe that's the problem; the fact that I've loved the game. Cowherd urged listeners to "like sports and love family. Then you'll never be crushed by this." He's right. We sports fans put too much stock into athletes. But I still wish baseball was different. It's no longer the game I imitated and loved so dearly as a boy growing up, and that hurts. Things need to change or I'm going to give up on the game.

2009 Time 100 Gala

Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Romper for Urban Outfitters

I would LOVE to see a girl wearing this! It's sexy, chic, summer-ry, and somwhat vintage-looking. And the spaghetti straps are removable. As you can see below it comes in white, black and peach colors. When I become a designer, you better believe I'll be designing stuff like this for women!

Love The Look... NY Chic

The First Lady went classic New York chic on everybody for the Time 100 Gala in - where else - New York City. Her full ensemble consisted of the full-length black dress designed by Azzedine Alaia and a corset by Peter Soronen, with several necklaces and diamond stud earrings by Loree Rodkin according to New York Magazine blog, The Cut.

According To Kurz...Keeping The Faith

In two days school will be over and summer will begin, which unfortunately means you won’t be hearing much about the Hoosier Football team (no news means good news when it’s the off-season). As a true football fan, I search daily for any football news or hot topics about the teams I follow. So I am writing this blog for the Hoosier football fans out there. We just came off of a 3-9 season, but there is hope for the 2009 season. Here are just a few reasons why 2009 won’t be like 2008:

1) Senior Leadership
We have so many seniors this year that refuse to go out like last years class did, and a 3-9 season is almost a reminder of what could happen if we don’t put in the work. Jammie Kirlew sends out weekly text messages reminding us to work hard and keep our goals in mind, but he’s not the only one taking the lead. Bryan Payton, Roger Saffold, Will Patterson, and many more have spoken to the team and do a really good job emphasizing the work we put in now is what will decide the outcomes of Saturdays.

2) Defense
I play defense so of course I am a little biased, but this year’s defense has a chance to be really special, and we all know defense wins games. Greg Middleton and Kirlew will be bringing a heavy pass rush off the edges this year and that will make everyone else’s job that much easier. The rotation of LB’s include: Matt Mayberry, Patterson, Justin Carrington, Tyler Replogle, and Darius Johnson. These are all guys who can not only hit, but have speed as well. The 3rd line of defense is the two starters at safety, Austin Thomas and Nick Polk. Austin’s hard hitting ability is complimented so well by Polk’s ball-hawking skills that I would not be surprised to see both of them receive All-Big Ten honors of some kind. I know they are both coming off of season ending surgeries but as someone who spends multiple hours a day with these two, you should trust me when I say they will come back stronger and more determined than before.

3) Running by Committee
Any one who attended the spring game can attest our running back situation is as strong as it has ever been. The change to the pistol formation has changed our running game into a downhill, smash-mouth type of offense - one I personally love. Demetrius McCray brings great agility and a lethal stiff-arm, Trea Burgess is the big back that can carry the load, Payton runs with such determination and power that he will lead to a lot of arm tacklers, and Darius Willis brings patience to see the holes and speed to burst through them. Look for all four of these guys to have a major contribution this year.

4) Attitude
The best thing about last years season is that it was last year! The team has held numerous meetings and conferences to talk about what we need to do to be a better team on and off the field. Right now lifting is not “mandatory”, but I lift 4-5 times a week and every time I go into the weight room it is full of players trying to get better and compete for a starting spot. But the best thing about it is its not just upperclassmen, but the freshman and sophomores too. The whole team realizes that last season absolutely can not happen again.

Sometimes even as a player its hard to say to yourself that next year will be different, and as a fan (and player) of IU football I’m very aware its hard to believe that this wont be the “same ‘old IU”. But I really don’t think it will be and I don’t think Coach Lynch will allow it. First and foremost, it will start with the players, and next week is the start of lifting 4 days a week, and running at 6:30a.m. and we expect 100 % attendance because we know if we want to go to a bowl it starts now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Too Fast for Hatton (And Probably Everyone Else)

Yesterday, as I was driving in my SUV, I noticed a crow eating the carcass of some type of animal. Gruesome, I know, but it reminded me of what Manny Pacquiao did to Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas Saturday night. Pacquiao, simply dismantled Hatton and destroyed him with a 2nd round K.O.

Hatton was sent to the canvas twice in the first round, both coming from Pacquiao right hooks. It seemed like Hatton spent more time on the canvas than he did standing up. The crazy thing is, I noticed, before Hatton was put down, his technique looked better than it did in previous fights due to his hiring of the boastful, outspoken trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. He displayed more head movement, better footwork, but in the end (or beginning), it just wasn’t enough. Pacquiao is just way too fast for him, and maybe for anyone.

Pacquiao told reporters that he knew Hatton would be looking for the left, so, he and trainer, Freddie Roach worked on the right hand during training camp. Throughout those brutal two rounds Pacquiao found it easy to land that right hand flush onto the unsuspecting face of Hatton.

But even in landing the right hook with regularity, it was a thunderous left hook to the face of Hatton that put him out of commission. Hatton lay flat on his back, staring up into the lights on the ceiling of the MGM Grand for several minutes. A part of me felt bad for him, as I am a fan of Ricky Hatton. I am a bigger fan of Manny Pacquiao, but I really felt Hatton was ready for this fight and thought he’d last well into the 11th round or maybe even go the distance. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The HBO cameras showed Hatton’s fiancĂ© and mother immediately after the fight was called by referee, Kenny Bayless, and the look on their faces was one of disbelief, sadness, and terror. They were afraid of what happened, that Hatton may have been seriously hurt. Luckily, he would eventually be helped up by doctors and his trainers and would be okay.

On the flip side, Manny Pacquiao celebrated an incredible victory that cements his place in Hall of Fame glory. All of this in front of his mother, who made her first trip to the U.S. to witness her son fight in person for the first time.

It’s impossible not to like both of these fighters. Pacquiao with his infectious smile, Christian ways and lightning fast hands. Hatton with his relentless pursuit, humble attitude and massive following. With the return of Floyd Mayweather Jr., fight fans want to see Pacquiao fight him in a megafight, possibly in December. As for Hatton, he’ll bounce back and win more fights. The fact is, he needs to be more patient in his style and Pacquiao is just too good for him.

Both fighters will go in opposite directions for the moment, but while I’m predicting for Pacquiao to stay on top for a good while – or at least for the rest of the year – Hatton will be back…Not in the ring with Pacquiao but near the top.

Pacquiao vs. Hatton by the numbers:

Punches Landed: 73 out of 127 - 57.4%

Punches Landed: 18 out of 78 - 23.1%

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Video: Waiting on the Black & Pink Air Yeezy's

I've been growing more and more fond of short documentaries. You could shoot this with your average video camera and get some good stuff. After a little editing you'll have yourself a pretty cool video like this one. I just finished a video project for my J210 class. While by no means do I feel like it's my best work, it was actually fun to work on. It's opened my mind up to future ideas and makes me want to document other things. Like my first job, which I will begin next Monday with The Journal Gazette newspaper in Fort Wayne. I should shoot a documentary about that or something. Anyways, Kanye West posted another video about his Air Yeezy's. The black and pink ones just hit stores yesterday. People have consistently been camping outside of stores in hopes of scoring a pair of the $200-plus shoes. The video is well done. Ideas continue to swim in my head.

It's crazy. You've got dudes layed-off, spending their savings on Air Yeezy's. I'm not sure I'd do that, but I am trying to get me a pair.

Waiting for Yeezys from kwest on Vimeo.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hoosier Nation Article...Ready To Take a Run at Starting Job

This article was written near the end of Spring football and I forgot to post it on here. It's written by Brady Stiff, a former classmate of mine and a really cool guy. He'll be a great sports writer one day - well he already is. I want to thank you Brady for the nice things you said about me on your blog. You're a good guy.

Anyway, here's the article he wrote for Hoosier Nation. Oh and Brady's blog is called
Because It's Indiana. Check him out.

Bloomington- Last season, Marcus Thigpen was the featured running back for the Indiana Hoosiers. Now that Thigpen has graduated, someone else is ready to step to the forefront.

Except it’s not his first rodeo, either.

Senior running back Bryan Payton will be one of the featured backs this year for Bill Lynch’s Hoosiers, and while he’s never been the team’s starter, he’s certainly made an impact. Last season Payton rushed for 339 yards on 79 carries and scored two touchdowns. In 2007 he rushed for 381 yards and four scores, helping Indiana earn an Insight Bowl bid.

Payton has used this spring to prepare for his senior season, a season in which the Hoosiers are hoping to improve from a 3-9 record in 2008.

“The improvement that we’ve made from last year and the new stuff that we’ve put in has helped us improve in a big way. I think putting in the pistol formation was definitely huge. We’re (running) more downhill this spring,” Payton said. “I’ve become more of a leader now. I’d like to say I’m quicker and faster—I’m not sure yet. I feel good, I feel like I’m being more patient and the game is slowing down for me.”

Payton’s leadership is not lost on the coaching staff, and IU running backs coach Dennis Springer acknowledged Payton’s guidance.

“He has been tremendous. Bryan has been a natural leader for us. He’s a very emotional kid, so he brings a lot of energy to the program, and probably even more than that, he’s a great character kid. He’s in the right place, he’s doing the right things, and that part of his leadership has been great for us,” said Springer. “The younger guys all call him ‘Pops’, so they know he’s been through it, and he’s one of those guys who has built this program, and continues to build this program to where we want to get it, so they respect that.”

Lynch has been at Indiana for Payton’s entire playing career, and he’s gotten to know what the senior is all about.

“He’s such a leader. He’s a tough, hard-nosed guy, but he’s a really good person who does everything right, works so hard, and he leads by example. It’s important to have him out here,” said Lynch.

While Payton has had a chance to play college football, he hasn’t lost sight of other aspects of life. Talking about his senior season, he knows that this might be it.

“[My senior season] is going to mean a lot to me. I’ve already decided I’m going to dedicate it to my parents because this could possibly be my last year of being any kind of athlete ever. I can count the number of games they’ve missed on one hand, no matter what sport since I was 5. I want to go out on a good note, of course, going to a bowl game. I’m going to work hard to keep the guys’ morale up so we can do just that,” said Payton.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana native also knows what he wants to do after football, which not all college seniors can attest to.

“To be honest with you, I don’t really think about the NFL at all. If it’s there, it’s there; if it’s not it’s not, but I’m set. I want a career in journalism, and I want a career in fashion design as well. Really, those are more important to me than anything. Even if I make it to the NFL, sometimes it stands for Not For Long. It’s an exciting time. It’s on my mind and I’m prepared for it,” said Payton.

Payton even named senior safety Collin Taylor the best-dressed player on the team.

In 2008, the Hoosiers were 6th in the Big Ten in rushing, gaining 2,003 yards as a unit, something Springer hopes they can improve on during 2009.

“Outside of getting banged up a little bit, the intensity and the focus, and the energy has been there all spring. I’m happy with my group and they’ve been working hard,” Springer said.