Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New York Observations: Part 1

There are lots of "it" girls in NYC but many of them go unnoticed. If they lived in Indiana they'd be the shit and everybody would stare at them as they walked by. But here, no one does.

In Indiana, if you make eye contact with someone you both either nod, smile, or quietly say hello. In NYC no one does that. They just keep walking. And if you do happen to get any reaction from someone, they'll give you the "what the fuck you lookin' at" look. Great.

There's ALWAYS things to do. I love the theater district (I think that's what they call it) on and off Broadway. I went to see "American Idiot" and I loved it. At all hours of the day and night you see people walking places. Even on a Sunday. Where the hell could you be going at 11pm on Sunday night? Take yo ass to bed. But I guess the city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien.

The high end retail stores aren't stores at all, they're show rooms. Or atleast they look that way. Everything is so carefully constructed like the clothes themselves. Smooth hardwood floors, glass doors, impeccably dressed employees, meticulously placed clothing, bags, and accessories. Oh, and don't forget about the doorman and the suited security standing around everywhere.

Junior's is an awesome restaurant. I've eaten breakfast there three out of the four days I've been in NYC. The French toast is my favorite. Never had better at any restaurant.

Generally, people dress better here than anywhere else I've ever been. And I'm not just talking suits. I, more so, mean the casual wear. They know how to use their scarves, jackets, the right jeans, the right sneakers, and hats. The women love their leggings and heels here, too.

It's not always easy to get a cab. It took me over half an hour last night. I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hoosier Draft? I Think So

Photo by James Brosher for the Indiana Daily Student

I’ve never been more excited for the NFL Draft than I am this year. This is the weekend where, for many players, life as they once knew it will end. Things will change for them – better for most. A new life, new opportunities, new pressures, new cities, and new temptations will be upon them. Speculations on potential picks are all around. Who will go where? How much money will he make?

Word is the St. Louis Rams haven’t confirmed that they’ll be taking Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, but it looks like that’s exactly what they’re going to do according to ESPN. Would I take him? Sure. Would I take Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh? Sure. The fact is you can’t go wrong with either pick. But, to be perfectly honest with you I’m not worried about that pick or any of the first ten picks.

My excitement over the NFL Draft this year comes, not from the tantalizing suspense of who will pick who (although, I do still love that aspect), but the fact that a good number of Hoosiers could be picked this year. My boys, my teammates, my friends. The guys I danced and sang with in my underwear with while in the locker room. The boys I talked to nearly everyday for 5 years. The boys who I bled, cried, and fought with through pain, death, heat, sweat, heartbreak, happiness, anxiousness, everything.

And the memories! Hell, me and Rodger used to make up dances and songs about training camp, the season, winter conditioning, whatever. I’ll always miss those days.

There’s a chance Rodger could be picked tonight. If so, he’ll be the first IU player taken in the first round since wide receiver Thomas Lewis in 1994. He’s been shooting up many scout’s and critic’s draft boards since November. The same goes for Jammie Kirlew, although he’ll likely be picked in the mid to late rounds. Then there’s Nick Polk, Greg Middleton, Ray Fisher, Matt Mayberry, Austin Thomas, D McCray and more. They’ve all got a chance!

No matter what happens this weekend I’m proud of all my boys and the memories we’ve made. It’s unreal to see them go through this process. Success will come to all of them in one way or another. I just want it to be in the way they want it. The NFL will come calling for them. I know they’re ready. I just hope the NFL is ready for all these Hoosiers.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paul & Joe Sister

This morning I’m finding myself fact-checking a short write-up on a new local boutique (you’ll have to pick up our May issue to find out which boutique) for Indianapolis Monthly. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the collections of a couple of the featured designers. I was most impressed by the Paul & Joe Sister (not to be confused with Paul & Joe, their higher up line) collections. Here are a few of the pieces I liked most.