Friday, July 31, 2009

Ryan Leslie x Rick Ross Making "Maybachs & Diamonds"

I was reading Ryan Leslie's website and came across these two musical titans making music in this video posted by Leslie. The track sounds so smooth it couldn't be anything other than a Ryan Leslie production. According to him, the song wasn't done in time to appear on Ross's latest album Deeper Than Rap. I'll definitely be on the lookout for this track in the future. It's gonna be an instant banger. Peep the video and see a genius at work.

Ryan Leslie x Rick Ross "Maybachs & Diamonds" In-Studio from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Jay-Z x Rihanna x Kanye West - "Run This Town"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me: A Socialite On the Rise In the '09-'10 Year

Lately I've been focusing on doing something about my want or need to become more cultured. I've always been appreciative of such things as the arts, technology and new ways of thinking but it hasn't been until now that I really feel an urge to get myself out there more.

I'm putting a heavy emphasis on having fun this upcoming school year. I'm also focusing more on learning. Not from a classroom sense, as I'll get that naturally, but in a cultural and diversity sense. I've always thought of myself as someone who could speak to anyone and go to nearly any event and feel comfortable, but I have yet to fully indulge in all that there is to offer - specifically in Bloomington.

That's why this year I want to be more of a socialite. I've had a good time in college, but I want to go out with even greater experiences this year. Not only will I work hard both on and off the field, but I will play hard too - in a smart way. I want to attend social events, more parties, go to the clubs and have a good time (I don't really drink so before you jump to any conclusions remember that). I want to attend more shows at the auditorium and go to gallery openings. Sure, I like to be seen, but I like experiencing things as well. In the past, I've let too many opportunities go by. I'm not doing that anymore.

An event that's definitely on my list is an inspirational dance performance by dancer/choreographer/director Bill T. Jones. I had no idea who he was before I looked up events on the IU Auditorium website, but what I found was very intriguing. He's won a Tony Award for his passionate, innovative dance-theater work.

"Some choreographers are born dance makers whose genius manifests in the steps themselves. And some choreographers are geniuses who just happen to choose dance for their primary mode of expression. Bill T. Jones is of the latter variety, and the dance world is fortunate to have him."
- San Francisco Chronicle

According to the IU Auditorium website, on Thursday, February 25, at 8 p.m. Jones is putting on a dance-theater tribute to Lincoln's memory by investigating what he meant to different people, celebrating his lasting contributions, and envisioning the America that might have been if Lincoln had completed the Reconstruction.

I checked out a preview video for the event and it looks very interesting. I plan on attending the show and coming away with a new, creative experience. I posted a video below.

Kanye West's Louis Vuitton Sneakers: SOLD OUT

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coldplay - Life in Technicolor II

This song has nothing to do with my state of mind on this day but for some reason, the melody and vocals of this song sang to me in a way that lifted me up and got me to tell myself that it was going to be a good day no matter what. Thank you Coldplay.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kanye West x Mr. Hudson Performing at the iTunes Festival in London


Mr. Hudson f/ Kanye West - "Supernova"

Kanye West f/ Mr. Hudson - "Paranoid"

Martin Margiela Hi Top Sneaker

Caught these shoes on and fell in love. I wish could get them, but too bad they're $519.49. I love the futuristic look of them and the color - too dope!

Martin Margiela hi top ‘Mix Up’ trainers in cherry red with a leather, suede and nylon paneled upper. Contrast laces and an extra-padded tongue give a retro feel to these shoes. They’re leather lined for comfort, have a leather insole and rubber sole. Really, really beautiful.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"WHY WON'T YOU LET ME BE GREAT!!!": NYC Dancers to Perform Kanye West's Heartbreak

In the midst of the many Kanye West covers including “Heartless” and “Say You Will” a group of downtown New York artists will remaster West’s 808’s & Heartbreak album in a new way in a performance called “WHY WON’T YOU LET ME BE GREAT!!!” at Performance Space 122 in New York City July 30-Aug. 1.

The group performance was conceived by producer and MTV cameraman Brendan Kennedy and is co presented by Neal Medlyn and Catch, a series that showcases emerging and experimental dance and performances. “WHY WON’T YOU LET ME BE GREAT!!!” (the name of the show stems from a Jan. 22 outburst over false rumors on West's blog) will flow along continuously with the 808’s & Heartbreak album. Medlyn, who is performing “Welcome to Heartbreak” and “Pinocchio Story,” told Time Out New York magazine, “It’s a very hard album to imagine: how a high-energy person performs this cold, internal material, and how dance—somehow being so nonverbal and abstract—makes something weird and special happen.”

Kennedy, who hopes to convince West to attend, told Time Out New York how 808’s & Heartbreak inspired his idea.

“He was branching off to more singing,” Kennedy says. “I know he had done it in the past, but he’s really trying to be a full-blown artist as opposed to a rap star. Because of the solid beats I thought the music was really about movement. This album in particular doesn’t lend itself to booty-shaking girls in a music video. It’s more soundscapes, and I thought it would be really cool to watch performers live it. As far as dance goes, that album makes me want to dance in a way that’s not fit for a club.”

“WHY WON’T YOU LET ME BE GREAT!!!” will feature esteemed downtown New York improviser and choreographer Jennifer Monson (“Amazing”), avant garde performer Ann Liv Young (“Love Lockdown”) and new material from dance artists Justin Jones and Elliott Durko Lynch.

Choreographer’s Playlist
Overture (new material) Justin Jones and Elliott Durko Lynch

1. “Say You Will” Karinne Keithley
2. “Welcome to Heartbreak” Neal Medlyn
3. “Heartless” Christine Elmo
4. “Amazing” Jennifer Monson
5. “Love Lockdown” Ann Liv Young
6. “Paranoid” Myles Kane
7. “RoboCop” Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad
8. “Street Lights” Kenny Mellman
9. “Bad News” Dance Gang
10. “See You In My Nightmares” Asubtout (Katy Pyle and Eleanor Hullihan)
11. “Coldest Winter” Juliana F. May/May Dance
12. “Pinocchio Story” Neal Medlyn

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

T Burg Productions Presents: I Make Music by KIDDO

My boy and teammate Trea' Burgess has been working on new music for a minute. He's most definitely a young producer on the rise and has been working with up-and-coming artists in his in-home studio. He's currently in the process of starting T Burg Productions, featuring both music and short films. Below is the I Make Music mixtape by one of his prized artists KIDDO, a rapper from Louisville who's been working with Burgess since January. The mixtape is KIDDO's first under Burgess' watch. Listen or download below.

Click HERE to listen

Click HERE to download the mixtape.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Usher at Michael Jackson Memorial

While, I could put every performance of the wonderful Michael Jackson Memorial Service, I've decided only to put one from Usher that nearly made me choke up. I loved his voice in this performance and it was so special and appropriate. R.I.P. Michael. He is certainly "Gone Too Soon".

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kanye West x Lady Gaga Tour Dates Released!

The time has come! fall dates for the biggest tour of the year have been released. Due to my football schedule I won't be able to get to the show I wanted in the United Center in Chicago,so I'm planning on catching a flight to Kansas City, Missouri for the Dec. 5 concert. I'm going to call the Sprint Center in Kansas City to ask when tickets go on sale. I'm going to be all over them, because I'm trying to be in the front row! I'll pay nearly any price! I'll have "memories made in the coldest winter".

Oct 04, 2009 HSBC Arena Buffalo, New York
Oct 07, 2009 TD Banknorth Garden Boston, Massachusetts
Oct 10, 2009 1st Mariner Arena Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 11, 2009 Wachovia Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 13, 2009 Xcel Energy Center Saint Paul, Minnesota
Oct 15, 2009 Madison Square Garden Arena New York, New York
Oct 16, 2009 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, New York
Oct 17, 2009 IZOD Center East Rutherford, New Jersey
Oct 28, 2009 Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, Ohio
Oct 29, 2009 Verizon Center Washington, District of Columbia
Oct 31, 2009 Palace Of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, Michigan
Oct 31, 2009 Palace Of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, Michigan
Nov 02, 2009 United Center Chicago, Illinois
Nov 05, 2009 Toyota Center Houston, Texas
Nov 07, 2009 New Orleans Arena New Orleans, Louisiana
Nov 08, 2009 American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas
Nov 10, 2009 US Airways Center Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 11, 2009 Cox Arena at Aztec Bowl San Diego, California
Nov 13, 2009 Mandalay Bay Events Center Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 14, 2009 Honda Center Anaheim, California
Nov 16, 2009 Staples Center Los Angeles, California
Nov 18, 2009 Save Mart Center Fresno, California
Nov 20, 2009 ARCO Arena Sacremento, California
Nov 21, 2009 HP Pavilion At San Jose San Jose, California
Nov 22, 2009 HP Pavilion At San Jose San Jose, California
Dec 02, 2009 Pepsi Center Denver, Colorado
Dec 03, 2009 Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dec 03, 2009 Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dec 05, 2009 Sprint Center Kansas City, Missouri
Dec 06, 2009 Scottrade Center Saint Louis, Missouri
Dec 09, 2009 Bank Atlantic Ampitheater FT Lauderdale, Florida
Dec 11, 2009 Philips Arena Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 12, 2009 Greensboro Coliseum Complex Greensburo, North Carolina
Dec 13, 2009 Norfolk Scope Arena Norfolk, Virginia
Dec 15, 2009 Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, Connecticut

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jamie Foxx x Drake x Kanye West x The Dream - "Digital Girl (Remix)"

Jamie on Drake via

"Digital Girl (Remix)" via YouTube

Kanye West's New Stage For '09 Europe/USA Tour

The September Issue: Anna Wintour and the Making of Vogue Trailer

As it seems, doing anything around Anna Wintour is intimidating - even riding in the elevator with her. According to a friend of mine who works in the same building as her, even saying "hello" to her seems scary and forbidden. Nevertheless, filmmaker R.J. Cutler managed to get inside the merciless walls of Vogue to film a documentary on the making of Vogue's September issue, which, in Vogue, is the most important issue of the year. The film hits theaters August 28 in New York and September 11 in Los Angeles and select cities. I doubt any of those select cities are anywhere here in good 'ol Indiana, but a young fashionisto can dream can't he? I wish I could fly to New York to see this, but I'll guess I'll have to work my connections for a DVD.

Kanye West For L'Officiel Hommes July '09

Friday, July 3, 2009

Drake - "Best I Ever Had" Video

This past week was kind of rough for me. I've made some mistakes at work - sure, they're probably typical first-job-ever-internship mistakes - but, it just hasn't been fun. So, I was feeling down in the dumps and really not wanting to talk to anyone, smile, laugh, none of that. But then, a couple mornings ago, I hopped out of bed, walked down stairs for breakfast and turned the TV to MTV. The first video I watched was Drake's "Best I Ever Had" from his mixtape So Far Gone. I have the CD and it's, well, one of the best I've ever had. I knew the video would be dope because it was directed by Kanye West.

Anyway, I watched the video and it made me laugh, for real. I'm talkin' deep belly laughs. Just the girls, the mentality of the video and the slapstick comedy was enough to get me going. So thank you Drake and Kanye for brightening my day.

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

Kanye West - "Coldest Winter" At Roskilde Festival in Denmark

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oregon Ducks Will Sport New Uniforms (Again) in 2009

I've actually always loved Oregon's jerseys ever since 2000 when they were decked out in nearly all black. I loved what they wore over the last few years as well. I think these jerseys are less attractive than the 2006-2008 versions but I can digg it. Word is these uniforms are more durable with a design that is 28% lighter than their diamond-plated predecessors. I have to give kudos to the Ducks and Nike for being creative. Now, only if other teams would catch on.

Jay-Z - "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)" Live BET Awards Performance

Other than the final tribute to Michael Jackson sang by Jamie Foxx and Ne-yo, this was definitely a treat and the best performance of the night. If I'm not mistaken I think the song was produced by Kanye West, and it's a definite hit. I can't wait for the Blueprint 3 to hit stores on September 11. I'm gonna be all over it.

Mr. Hudson x Kanye West - "Supernova" Video