Monday, March 16, 2009

Now That I’m Able to Relax...

Due to me finally being on spring break, I’ll be able to read more of the things I want to read – GQ, Men’s Health, ESPN, and actually begin reading, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – and write the things I want to write – Benjamin Bixby clothing line, Candace Parker’s pregnant?, and Kid Cudi is the next best thing.

That’s just getting started. While I will be relaxing in the great city of Fort Wayne, IN there’s still so much I want to do; there’s people to see, photographs to take (I’m still working on my photography skills), window shopping to do (I’m trying to scale back) and TV shows to watch (mmm, television). So, my mind will be practically everywhere this week so don’t be surprised if I bounce from something like my interpretation of fashion week in Milan to the greatness of Lebron; that’s just how my mind works.

So, while you’re sprawled out on the beaches of South Florida or sipping margaritas in Mexico (be careful, they’re killing people) feel free to pull out your Blackberry every once in a while and see what I’m babbling about. It might just make you think a little too.

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