Wednesday, April 22, 2009

100 Single Ladies J-Setting To Beyonce'

The dance Beyonce' does in her "Single Ladies" video is called J-Setting. It's a popular dance that was originated at Mississippi's Jackson State University. The Prancing Jaycettes were the female dance line of the infamous JSU marching band, "The Sonic Boom of the South." The dance is now most popular in Southern black gay clubs and Beyonce's video has played a big part in bringing the dance into the mainstream. She also performs some J-Setting in her "Diva" video.

It's the latest dance craze across America. While I haven't seen anybody doing this at the nearest bars, I've heard lots about it over the past couple of months. Recently, 100 single ladies in Piccadilly Circus, London performed the exact dance Beyonce' does in her "Single Ladies" video. I find this to be very impressive and sexy. Think you can do this ladies? Below is the video. Enjoy.

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