Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart Gone Too Soon

One win, no losses. That’s Los Angeles Angels Nick Adenhart’s Major League career record. Sadly, the rookie pitcher and two others were killed Thursday morning at 12:30 a.m. by a suspected drunken driver just hours after Adenhart pitched the game of his life; six scoreless innings in the big leagues. At the age of 22, he had already overcome major elbow surgery to achieve his big league dreams.

The team postponed Thursday nights game against the Oakland A’s in honor of Adenhart and his family.

The more I think about it, the more upset it makes me. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not this should strike an angry chord with you as well. How many people have to die before people begin listening to the age old law not to drive drunk. The guy ran a red light because of it, causing the crash and then sped away from the crash like the coward he is. It’s a shame; this shouldn’t have happened. The Angels should be suiting up tonight to play Oakland and Adenhart should be chilling in the dugout chatting it up with his teammates and cheering them on. Instead, a mother and a father are without their son, a bright young man’s dream and life comes to an abrupt and shocking end.

The top prospect in the Angels’ organization, Adenhart had a lot of promise. After Wednesday’s game he told his agent, Scott Boras, he felt like a real big leaguer, and he was. I couldn’t imagine being a father and after watching my son begin to fulfill his dream, getting a call hours later to hear the voice on the other end of the phone tell me my son was dead. If that’s not enough to make people think about their actions before they go out and drink and/or get into a car with a drunk driver, I don’t know what is.

Prosecutors have filed three counts of murder against the drunk driver. He could receive 55 years to life if convicted of all charges and I hope he gets every second of it. Hell, I don’t care if he never sees the light of day again. I don’t know what his circumstances were that made him drive drunk that night, but I really don’t care about that either. He should’ve thought about what he was doing before he sat in the driver seat.

I do hope America takes note of this and how a simple stupid mistake can take another human being off the earth and change a family’s life forever. Nothing is worth that drink or that drive causing him to run that red light. Every day and night there are drunk drivers on the road. This will make me think twice the next time I decide to stay out late and drive home. Be careful everyone.

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