Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keri Hilson featuring Kanye & Ne-yo - "Knock You Down"

I'm in love with this song and video. Kerri Hilson is steadily growing on me (and she's not bad on the eyes). You add Kanye West (the greatest artist ever - yeah I said it) and Ne-yo (the smoothest singer out) and you have a bonafied hit record. In the video it's cool how Ms. Hilson is torn between two men (Kanye and Ne-yo) and Kanye has beef with Ne-yo for wanting his girl (Hilson). Imagine if they did fight! They should've had a dance off. Although, Ne-yo would most definitely win, it'd be fun to watch.

And how about the Shawne Merriman cameo! Where did that come from? I'm assuming this video was shot a little while ago because Kanye's hair is short in the video, whereas now, it's a feaux-hawk with a shag in the back - very '80's.

Anyways, all three do their thing on this track. But I say, "You Go Keri Hilson!"

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