Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mrs. O in the Mini-Trench

I like this outfit worn by Mrs. Obama on April 14 mostly for the pairing of the mini jaded green trench coat with a purple shirt underneath. It's an elegant, feminine clash of colors and she finds a great way to keep it simple and casual.

Below is the description from

Mrs. O has resumed her tour of federal agencies, visiting the Department of Homeland Security this afternoon. According to the AP, the First Lady thanked agency employees for their behind-the-scenes work, making special mention of the Secret Service and the time they spend away from their own families, working to keep the O family safe.

Mrs. O dug deep into her closet for today’s appearance, re-wearing a jade green mini-trench and striped purple tee we last saw on October 2 in Detroit, MI. Today Mrs. O paired the jacket and top with slim black cuffed pants and black patent leather flats. Mrs. O embellished the jacket with a crystal bee brooch at the collar.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed the visible pocket linings that hang below the bottom hem of the jacket. Surely this detail is the the work of someone with a playful design sensibility - any ideas?

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