Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bestselling Author Gay Talese Shows Off His Style

Meet Gay Talese. He's a 77 year-old author and a pioneer of New Journalism. He's written articles on Joe DiMaggio, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra (thanks Wikipedia) in addition to writing several books like Thy Neighbor's Wife, Honor Thy Father and The Kingdom and the Power.

Gay also has a very elaborate, extensive wardrobe full of suits including three-button, two-button and double breasted in every fabric you can imagine that makes sense to be on a suit.

What I love most about Gay is he takes you back to an era when men wore suits almost daily. They not only wore them to work but to ball games, parties, concerts, to get the newspaper, etc. It was a gentleman-ly way of life. I wish we could go back to that. You know, the classic style of the 1930's through the 60's. I love the looks they had. Gay also loves to get his suits altered to his liking, not just getting them cut to fit, but adding color and detail as well. He admits to not being a tailor, so, instead he uses his imagination and creativity to describe what he wants done to give his suits and extra punch and gentleman-like quality. Enjoy the video below.

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