Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will the Real Floyd Mayweather Please Stand Up?

I love Floyd Mayweather, but I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about here.

In my opinion Floyd should be fighting Shane Mosley because Mosley is the welterweight champion and that’s where Floyd needs to be fighting.

Sure he’ll probably take out Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight that will be harder than he thinks, but he should’ve gone after one of the main fighters at the top of the sport, or their divisions anyway – Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley.

Everyone talks about the potential of a mega fight between Pacquiao and Floyd, well lets see it Floyd! Why just go after the guy who called you out? Why not just come back and face the new pound for pound best? Marquez is no easy tune up fight anyway and if its money he seeks, there’s lots of it to be made with both Pacquiao and Mosley.

Pacquiao may not be the biggest cash cow now that Floyd has come out of retirement but he is certainly second. Mosley sold out the Staples Center and if he were to fight Floyd it’d almost be just as big as the Pacquiao fight here in the United States (over seas is another story).

I think in this interview Floyd is way out of line on many different levels. First of all, he shouldn’t be disrespecting Brian Kenny like that. Kenny has done a lot for the sport of boxing and is one of the key reasons boxing is growing on ESPN. He brings knowledge to the channel that few other sportscasters have.

Secondly, I’ve heard Floyd’s a pretty good guy. Just last week I listened to a radio show on ESPN and the boxing analyst stated that he has had many pleasant interviews with Floyd where he was acting normal. But when “Money Mayweather” comes out its like an entirely different person. Sometimes I’m okay with it because I feel like he’s my alternate personality or something – everybody gets cocky sometimes. But other times it just bothers me, and I hate saying that. I wish he’d just speak more respectfully to people at times. The thing is, I know its just an act but even an act can go too far. Just ask Joe Frazier about Muhammad Ali.

I hope Floyd beats Marquez – actually I want him to knock him out. I also hope he ends up fighting either Pacquiao or Mosley, or both at some point. But I just want him to go about it the right way. Don’t take things so far and tell your family to chill out on being so disrespectful all of the time too. They’re not even fighting.

I’m still a Floyd Mayweather fan and I will always root for him, but I just wish to see more Floyd Mayweather and less “Money Mayweather”.

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