Monday, June 15, 2009

Working Late Sucks

I know I shouldn't say that because I'm the intern, but its true and its probably nothing you didn't know. I'm all for showing up early and staying late, but the time right now is 11:40 p.m. and I'm about ready to go. I'm working the GA shift ( 6 p.m. to midnight) and nobody seems to enjoy it. I don't really mind it that much except for staying late.

I actually showed up early today to get some extra work done, but the downside to that is I'm still sitting here at a quarter 'till midnight, honestly ready to go. And its not because I'm lazy or don't work hard. I just want to be in front of the TV or tell jokes and hang out with my parents. I guess this is the life of a working man.

There's a woman in the newsroom who shows up at 11 p.m. and leaves at 6 a.m. EVERYDAY! That's ridiculous if you ask me. I like to keep it real, but not to the point where I'd tell her this (unless she reads this blog, which I doubt she ever will), but her job sucks. Why would you ever apply for that job? If that were me years from now I'm sure my marriage would suffer, my kids would suffer, and, oh yeah I'd probably be a jerk all day because I was so damn irritable and sleepy. I haven't noticed her being that way, but I know I couldn't stand it. All power to her.

Before you give me the 'ol "well maybe you shouldn't be a journalist" crap let me tell you that I love journalism and I like what I'm doing. Lots of people will tell you "oh I love this job and everything about it". That's BS. I've only been a "working man" for a month and I can tell you nobody feels that way. There will always be parts of the job you hate. My hatred is for late nights on the job when the only things you can think about are late night Teddy Graham binges, sleeping, watching HBO, or asking that cute co-worker out for drinks. But no, you're stuck at your desk, working away.

I'm getting through it and I'm learning in the process. But I can't front, I hate late nights.

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Anonymous said...

Same in here.It really sucks and I have been working like this for 5 months and I can't take it anymore.