Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me: A Socialite On the Rise In the '09-'10 Year

Lately I've been focusing on doing something about my want or need to become more cultured. I've always been appreciative of such things as the arts, technology and new ways of thinking but it hasn't been until now that I really feel an urge to get myself out there more.

I'm putting a heavy emphasis on having fun this upcoming school year. I'm also focusing more on learning. Not from a classroom sense, as I'll get that naturally, but in a cultural and diversity sense. I've always thought of myself as someone who could speak to anyone and go to nearly any event and feel comfortable, but I have yet to fully indulge in all that there is to offer - specifically in Bloomington.

That's why this year I want to be more of a socialite. I've had a good time in college, but I want to go out with even greater experiences this year. Not only will I work hard both on and off the field, but I will play hard too - in a smart way. I want to attend social events, more parties, go to the clubs and have a good time (I don't really drink so before you jump to any conclusions remember that). I want to attend more shows at the auditorium and go to gallery openings. Sure, I like to be seen, but I like experiencing things as well. In the past, I've let too many opportunities go by. I'm not doing that anymore.

An event that's definitely on my list is an inspirational dance performance by dancer/choreographer/director Bill T. Jones. I had no idea who he was before I looked up events on the IU Auditorium website, but what I found was very intriguing. He's won a Tony Award for his passionate, innovative dance-theater work.

"Some choreographers are born dance makers whose genius manifests in the steps themselves. And some choreographers are geniuses who just happen to choose dance for their primary mode of expression. Bill T. Jones is of the latter variety, and the dance world is fortunate to have him."
- San Francisco Chronicle

According to the IU Auditorium website, on Thursday, February 25, at 8 p.m. Jones is putting on a dance-theater tribute to Lincoln's memory by investigating what he meant to different people, celebrating his lasting contributions, and envisioning the America that might have been if Lincoln had completed the Reconstruction.

I checked out a preview video for the event and it looks very interesting. I plan on attending the show and coming away with a new, creative experience. I posted a video below.

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