Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oregon Ducks Will Sport New Uniforms (Again) in 2009

I've actually always loved Oregon's jerseys ever since 2000 when they were decked out in nearly all black. I loved what they wore over the last few years as well. I think these jerseys are less attractive than the 2006-2008 versions but I can digg it. Word is these uniforms are more durable with a design that is 28% lighter than their diamond-plated predecessors. I have to give kudos to the Ducks and Nike for being creative. Now, only if other teams would catch on.


Stacy said...

Before Purdue played Oregon last year, I actually talked to players from both teams about all the crazy jersey choices. All the Oregon dudes loved the options and so did most of the Purdue kids.

"Pops" said...

I love them too. Although, I think the last versions are better than these new ones.