Saturday, July 4, 2009

The September Issue: Anna Wintour and the Making of Vogue Trailer

As it seems, doing anything around Anna Wintour is intimidating - even riding in the elevator with her. According to a friend of mine who works in the same building as her, even saying "hello" to her seems scary and forbidden. Nevertheless, filmmaker R.J. Cutler managed to get inside the merciless walls of Vogue to film a documentary on the making of Vogue's September issue, which, in Vogue, is the most important issue of the year. The film hits theaters August 28 in New York and September 11 in Los Angeles and select cities. I doubt any of those select cities are anywhere here in good 'ol Indiana, but a young fashionisto can dream can't he? I wish I could fly to New York to see this, but I'll guess I'll have to work my connections for a DVD.

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