Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let Training Camp Begin!

Around noon tomorrow I will report for training camp. It's my final go-around and I'm looking to go as hard as possible every rep. I'm dedicating this season to my family and everyone who's ever supported me. I'm pressed for time, as I just wanna chill and watch/read tonight before things get real so I've decided to post this video below to speak for me. It's how I feel and I'm keeping it uncensored because that's how I will play this season. Enjoy and I look forward to your support this year.

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Graham Filler said...

Bryan - My name is Graham Filler, I am the co-author of The Rivalry, Esq, a Big Ten Football blog on the Sports Blog Nation network. I have paid attention to your blog for awhile and I wanted to offer you a chance to write weekly or bi-weekly on our site. We would of course benefit from your writing and experience, but you would also get great exposure from our growing site (500-1000 hits a day) and our readers would surely appreciate your insight. We cover all things Big Ten football, so there are really no limits on what you could write about.

Let me know what you think and I look forward to hearing from you.

Graham Filler
The Rivalry, Esq
SBN's Big 10 Football Blog