Friday, January 15, 2010

10 Essentials: Alexander "Spudd" Webb

Meet Alexander "Spudd" Webb, my friend, former teammate, and one of the best dressed people I know (and not to mention my number-mate in college). When it comes to streetwear and being up on the dopest clothes out he's the man. He just looks like somebody you just have to talk to. Catch him in skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, Raybans, a beanie, and the dopest sneakers out any day. Here are his 10 essentials.

MacBook Pro
My best friend. My sidekick. My partner-in-crime. My MacBook Pro gets me through the long nights of school work, the long hours of boredom, the long delays in the airport, whatever the occasion. I got it over the summer between my senior year in high school and freshman year in college as a gift from my dad after I had hinted at it for about a month straight. Once you go Mac, you never go back.

My cellular phone of choice. It provides you with all the functions and capabilities of the iPhone on a much more user-friendly operating system. If it weren’t for the Twitter app ‘Twidroid’ (available for free download) I wouldn’t be able to make it through some of the most boring of days and events.

Levi 506's
The 506's are a newer style from Levi called the “skinny taper.” They offer the same low cut feel of the regular skinny jean but with a more defined taper at the bottom of the leg. This aspect makes them even more perfect for your favorite pair of Dunks, Sk8-Hi’s, Blazers, etc. These are probably my favorite and most comfortable pair of pants.

Ray Ban Wayfarers
They're usually not worn right these days but they’re a classic. I grew up seeing them on television and my dad used to own a pair back in the day. I always had my eyes set on having a pair. I saw everybody else wearing the imitations once I got older and I decided as soon as I had the money I was going to buy the authentics.

North Face Apex
I like this piece because it’s very versatile. You can wear it with jeans; add a little bit of class by fastening the Velcro at the wrists and accenting it with a watch for a party or get together. You can throw a graphic tee with an opened-zip hoodie underneath it to rock a sneakerhead look. Even wear it over a dress shirt and slacks in a business casual setting.

RVCA Trooper II Bag
It delivers style and durability. I happen to own a black RVCA Trooper II bag. It offers a super-dumbed down armed forces style that doesn’t scream at you, but shows a bit of personality. They offer the durability and longevity you’d expect from a backpack. I got mine right before the start of freshman year and it’s still going strong.

Vans x Starter snapback
I copped this little gem back home at MODA3 in Milwaukee. Mine reads “AUTHENTIC” on the front in large white letters, bordered by silver on a black snapback hat with a white enclosure on the back. Just like the Starter caps we used to rock as kids, it has the traditional Starter logo right above the enclosure on the back in white and shows the Vans logo in white on one side as well. Don’t forget the green under the brim. It matches pretty much anything.

Playcloths beanie
I don’t have an epic collection of hats and beanies, but the ones I do rock with are definitely dope. It’s a more recent purchase I made for the cold, courtesy of Dope Couture. Sometimes I’ll wear it down over my ears or and other times wear it on the back of my head for style. When I pull it down over my ears and throw the Wayfarers on it has me feeling like I’m Pharrell or Kid Cudi.

Dope Couture x Jetsetters tee
If you’re a streetwear-head it’s about time you became acquainted with Dope Couture. It’s owned and operated by former IU student, Matt Fields out of the boutique in Bloomington and lives up to its name. Last year Dope featured a capsule collection highlighting the Jetsons in a line dubbed “Jetsetters,” picturing the classic cartoon family members with a streetwear/high fashion twist to their attire. It’s a killer, so rock it wisely and don’t waste it.

Casio G-Shock
Some say the G-Shock is played out, but those are only people whose style in general is played out. Watches never really grow old, especially if it’s the right watch and you know how and when to wear it. I own a matte black Baby G that gets me through the times. Smaller than most of the other G-Shocks, the Baby G doesn’t draw massive attention, doesn’t feel large or clanky on your wrist, and delivers both efficiency and style.

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