Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pepper, Vodka, and Black Fleece Cologne.

Came across this while combing GQ for hair references (more on this later). Now, I definitely don't need anymore parfum (it's French and stands for both cologne and perfume), but I love Thom Browne and I love his guest line Black Fleece for Brooks Brothers. Therefore, it's only natural that I would want to smell like him - or, um, you know what I mean. According to Browne the cologne is "evocative of that man sitting in a library or parlor, smoking and drinking whiskey." I'm not a drinker, nor do I sit in parlors, but I do like library's. GQ editors disagreed saying it gave off a hint of pepper and if the man wearing this scent he's drinking he's "sipping a vodka-and-grapefruit Greyhound: Sharp notes of the citrus fruit abound, with a not unwelcome edge of ginger." Sounds fine to me! Unfortunately, at $125 a bottle it doesn't look like I'll be smelling of pepper or drinking a vodka-and-grapefruit Greyhound anytime soon. I guess I'll stick to my I Am King cologne and Ciroc vodka for now.

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