Friday, January 22, 2010

Sparks Don't Fly on ABDC

R&B singer Omarion will venture into the world of reality competition TV this winter as the new judge on America's Best Dance Crew. He'll be replacing former judge/choreographer Shane Sparks. The show had been looking for a replacement ever since Sparks was arrested December 9 on suspicion of child molestation charges.

This is the best choice ABDC could've made. Omarion is a fairly known name in the R&B world and we all know he certainly is one of the best dancers out there. Doing the show will help catapult him into becoming a bigger name in the music game and show off his personality as a judge and performer. I'm very happy to see Shane Sparks go. I hated most of his generalized opinions and terrible wardrobe. If I would've seen him wear one more Christian Audigier (Ed Hardy, Smet) designed shirt I would've thrown up. So, here's a toast to Omarion. May you be better than Sparks - which shouldn't be hard - in your judging, dancing, speaking, and your wardrobe. See his video below.

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