Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Artist #7: Ke$ha

Ke$ha, 22, makes me think of that college girl who was at every party sloppily drunk off her ass while dancing the night away before hooking up with some random guy, and throwing up in the toilet while her friends hold her hair. The only thing is she’s somehow appealing enough to continue to be popular with guys and girls alike.

To me, she may be very different from that, but from the sound of her debut CD, Animal, it seems she’s trying to give off that vibe, that’s Ke$ha. She describes her fashion sense as “garbage-chic” and named Keith Richards as her fashion inspiration (Really?). Basically, she could care less what we all think.
Nevertheless, she is talented.

Born in Los Angeles, but growing up in Nashville, TN, she was taught to sing and write songs by her mother. You can hear some of that southern-ness in her voice throughout Animal.

She may not have the best voice, but she has a niche and there’s a definite place for her in music today – albeit the party scene. The thumping beats, auto-tune, and daring lyrics make you want to listen when no one is watching (unless you’re that party girl). I admit buying her CD and think it’s pretty good for what it is – a party CD. “Tik Tok” is infectious, “Take It Off” makes me want to fist pump like my name is JWow, and “Stephen” has one of my favorite openers of any song I’ve heard recently.

I expect Ke$ha to get even bigger as this year goes on. It won’t surprise me one bit if she takes home a Grammy next year. And even if she doesn’t, we know she’ll party her ass off regardless.

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