Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Artist #5: Nikki & Rich

I’m putting this group here for two reasons: They’re such Grammy-bate and they’re music is infectious and downright great. Why weren’t they higher on the list? They might go generally unheard of among the masses for most of the year and may not release a full album until next winter, if not 2011.

Nikki & Rich consist of singer/songwriter Nikki Leonti and producer Rich Skillz. Nikki is a former Christian Music singer. She released her first LP in 1998 titled, Shelter Me before releasing a self-titled album, and Postcards From Mixaco: A Dance Re-MIX Fiesta. She’s come a long way since those days.

Nikki & Rich’s sound is retro pop, doo wop, and R&B. Every bit of it is both soulful and satisfyingly wrenching. Judging from the few songs I’ve heard, you can’t help but smile, dance, or sing along. Nikki has garnered positive comparisons to Amy Winehouse and combines a strong, soulful voice with attractive looks.

Their music was featured on the last season of HBO’s Entourage and the new 90210. They’re beginning to create more buzz, as they held a private showcase for media and friends in New York City on February 9. After catching a glimpse of their live show and hearing a few of their tunes, there’s zero doubt in my mind that Nikki & Rich will be a promising new act in 2010.

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