Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fashion Sense...Dee and Ricky

Take a look at the poster inside Kanye West's new album 808's and Heartbreak and you'll find Kanye sporting a wool Raf Simons suit (his apparel watch is coming soon) with a big red lego heart brooch - yes brooch, not broach - just above his suit pocket. It's kinda funky and unlike anything I've seen before in recent memory. I decided to look into where I could find a brooch such as this.

The brooch was designed by twin brothers, Dee and Ricky (seen above). They're a young, charismatic design, rap and dance duo from New York and a two-thirds of the dance group Jackson Swinton. Known as The Twins, they've managed to catch the love and attention of the fashion world and are ready to take it by storm. They've been photographed by The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman and have been seen in spreads by Nike and Puma among others. The Twins' other accessories - also lego-inspired including belts - were commissioned by top fashion designer, Marc Jacobs for his New York Fashion Week for his Spring 2008 runway show.

You can purchase the brooches and belts from Dee and Ricky here.

The hearts come in red, black, or multi-colored while there are numerous styles in the belts. I'm thinking a lego heart would be great for Valentines Day.

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