Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Introduction of The Great Thom Browne

I've decided to introduce you to New York fashion designer, Thom Browne. The reason being because you will be seeing plenty more of him on my blog as he is one of my favorite designers right now. He was named 2008 Designer of the Year by GQ Magazine and is the first guest designer to have a fashion line for Brooks Brothers called Black Fleece (look out for the Apparel Watch soon).

Browne is known for his "shrunken suits" that are traditionally tailored to fit closely to a man's body while showing off shorter sleeves and pants cut to show off a man's ankles. While this look is not for everyone and is controversial in some circles, I applaud him for doing something different and so sophisticated.

You'll see in the video I've posted, courtesy of Refinery29TV on YouTube, Thom Browne preparing for New York Fashion Week. You'll also get a look at his gallery in New York. His clothes are very high quality and are so elegant they bring a level of sophistication and aestheticism that we've seldom seen before. The influence he's had on men with style and the fashion world is amazing. So much that he's got me wanting to show off my ankles when the weather gets warm.

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