Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Florida's Tim Tebow To Be Admired

Throughout college I have not been one who’s relished in the “Tim Tebow Experience” mostly because I, too, am a college football player. My allegiance is to Indiana University. But I must admit that it has been a joy knowing that someone like him is out there playing the same sport I am and doing it so faithfully and with so much passion. Every once in a while a person who you can’t help but admire will come along. Someone who, when you watch or read about, you sit back and think to yourself, “I want to be like him/her.” Well, Tim Tebow is one of those people for me.

I’m not a bandwagon guy and I don’t often look for potential opponents as role models. But in today’s college football world of business, promiscuity and dishonesty, Tebow is like a breath of fresh air. The things he stands for are uncanny and are to be commended.

His story has been well documented but never gets old to me. He’s gone to 11 prisons to preach Christianity to inmates, he takes annual trips to the Philippines to assist his father in missionary work, and he’s spoken to thousands of others about motivation and the Word of God. I’m not saying we all need to pack our bags and go to another country to preach, but I do think we all need to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “What have you done to help others today?” Of course, a goal of ours should always be to improve ourselves, but I believe that in helping others, we, in turn, become better people as well.

With college football comes many distractions. Many come to those who seem so antiseptic and untouchable that they seem too perfect, causing many to assume it’s all for show. Tebow has had to deal with this along with everything from sports bloggers worrying about who his girlfriend is to jokes about the circumcision he performed while in the Philippines. Through it all he has maintained a strong, Christian attitude. He’s truly a man of faith and I wish to be more like him because he is a young man who is, clearly, on the right path. There’s no reason other people shouldn't look up to someone like him.

As far as his football talents go, I think he’ll be a great NFL quarterback whether he decides to enter the draft this year or next. He’s probably more mature than the majority of the players already in the league.

As for the National Championship on Thursday night, I don’t know who will win, but I must say, it’s awfully difficult not to root for a guy like Tebow. What I do know is I’ll be watching and admiring from my home and I’m sure he’ll provide, yet, another reason why he should be admired.

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Anonymous said...

You are exactly right about Tim Tebow. A star player with his level of character and commitment should be admired. I hope athletes and, people in general, will look at players like Tim Tebow and you as people to emulate. Unfortunately, people who try to draw attention to themselves get the most media attention while people of strong character are usually ignored.

Randy, Fort Worth, TX