Friday, January 9, 2009

Gators Win Nat'l Championship...But Are They The Best Team?

Thursday night’s National Championship game went almost exactly how I expected it to. Everyone kept talking about the explosive offenses of both teams and how they would score in the 40’s - absolutely not. You have to remember that both defenses were forced to listen to everyone telling them how they’d be unable stop the other teams’ offense. That’s motivation enough to go out and play better than you have all season. The only thing that surprised me was the fact that the score was tied up at 7 points at halftime. I figured at least one team would score in the double digits. All in all, I enjoyed the game and would watch it again if it were on ESPN Classic or something – though, it was no classic. Congrats to the Florida Gators.

Now, to the issue that’s burning a hole inside my brain: the BCS. Yes, Florida won the National Championship and they deserve the trophy because that’s the system we go by. But I’m going to be honest with you. At this point, I don’t feel like the Gators are the best team in the country. Not even the second best. They looked descent last night and their big players made big plays, but I’d love to see them pull off a victory against the USC Trojans or the Utah Utes.

I saw, on ESPN, today that Utah head coach, Kyle Whittingham, voted for his own team to be ranked No. 1 in the FBS. In doing this, he does face being reprimanded by the NCAA, but I can’t say I blame him for doing what he did. Utah is the only team to finish undefeated in all of the FBS and it was no fluke. Along the way they beat six bowl teams, including SEC Champ, Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Why don’t they deserve to be number one? Who’s to say that they wouldn’t win it all in a playoff? Sure, they may be underdogs because of their conference affiliation, but isn’t that why we put the ball out there? Upsets happen all the time.

“The current system that’s in place isn’t about who beats who, I guess. It’s who had the best season,” Whittingham told ESPN. “I felt we had the best season. The circumstances being what they are, and with us not having to explain a loss like every other team in the country has to do, why wouldn’t we vote ourselves number one?”

To me, USC is the best team in the land right now. I don’t think anyone would beat them in a head to head matchup. If Florida were to play them next week I’d have to pick USC by about two touchdowns.

Despite USC’s dominance, if I had a vote I’d have to go with Utah. I have been very impressed with them all season and it was a joy to see them knock off Alabama. After all, if you were playing something and you were undefeated, wouldn’t you claim you were the best too? Something to ponder…

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