Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Bests of the Month

Each month I will give out my own fictional monthly awards. I am going to spotlight people and things I believe had the best month. The month of January was filled with plenty of excitement, danger and emotion. We saw a heroic plane landing in the Hudson River that saved 155 passengers, a musician step outside the box, a football player lead his team to the Super Bowl, and, oh yeah, we inaugurated our first black President.

The Hero: U.S. Airways Captain Chelsey Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger III
Sullenberger safely helmed the disabled US Airways Flight 1549, landing it into the icy Hudson River. In doing so, he saved all 155 passengers and whoever else would’ve been hurt by a plane crashing into their neighborhood.

The Commander-In-Chief: Barack Obama
Obama became the country’s 44th and the first black President on Jan. 20, marking a historic day in American history. He, along with his family and staff, partied the night away. Only he and Michelle attended ten balls in his honor. What a night.

The Designer: Jason Wu
The 26 year-old fashion designer hit the jackpot when Michelle Obama chose to wear the dress he designed for her to wear during the Presidential Inauguration celebration. He discovered what she was wearing just like the majority of the world – when she appeared on TV that day. Talk about a pleasant surprise.

The Phenom: Larry Fitzgerald
The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver has led his team to the Super Bowl by catching 23 balls for 419 yards and 5 touchdowns during the playoffs. He even catches the ball when he’s not open. Look for him to be MVP during the big game tomorrow.

The Champ: “Sugar” Shane Mosley
Mosley put on a clinic in upsetting Antonio Margarito to win the welterweight championship of the world on Jan. 24. Mosley TKO’d Margarito in the ninth round after sweeping all of the previous rounds. I picked Margarito to win with a decision but I’m glad Mosley proved me wrong.

The Musical Artist: Kanye West
You’ve seen me mention a lot about Kanye lately. Well, he gets my vote this month for stepping outside the box by showcasing his design skills at the Louis Vuitton show earlier this week. Also, his singles have been mainstays on the Billboard charts. Kudos to Kanye for doing something different.

Best Magazine: GQ
Anyone who reads monthly magazines knows that the issues tend to come out a month ahead. Well, the January issue of GQ Magazine displayed a naked Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Her breasts were covered by a red, white and blue tie. Very clever and sexy. While she was the lead feature, there was plenty of other useful info in this month’s issue.

The Actress: Kate Winslet
I thought about choosing Mickey Rourke here but I don’t know enough about his situation. Besides, Winslet took home two golden globes; one for best actress in Revolutionary Road and one for best supporting actress in The Reader.

Local Store: Andrew Davis Menswear
This stylish menswear store is one of the best stops to make in Bloomington if you’re looking for a high-class, stylish suit at a decent price. Located on Kirkwood, ADM showcases suits, ties, blazers, shoes, and accessories from the likes of Peter Millar, Robert Talbot and Allen Edmonds to name a few. While the store is somewhat conservative (thanks to the typical Bloomington crowd), they do have some clothes with a little more flavor. The customer service is high-quality as managers, Macey and Josh will go all out to give you the best shopping experience possible. Don’t believe me, take a trip to ADM and see for yourself.

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