Thursday, January 1, 2009

USC Dominates Rose Bowl, Big Ten Falls to 1-5

I just finished watching the Rose Bowl and once again, USC has dominated their opponent. I watched this game closely because one my best friends, starting defensive end Josh Gaines, was playing for Penn State. Also, as a Big Ten football player myself, I want to play in the Rose Bowl. Sure, we, the Indiana Hoosiers, only won three games this season, but who’s to say we can’t get to the Rose Bowl next year? Did Buffalo not win the MAC this year after being the absolute worst team in the country for many years? Did Cincinnati not do the “impossible” by making it to the Orange Bowl this year? I think you get the point.

Watching that game made me hungry for next season; I know we don’t step on the field to play another team until the fall but it makes me think about all of the possibilities.

With USC’s victory over Penn State, the Big Ten falls to 1-5 in this year’s Bowl games, which does not make our conference look good at all. In every bowl game a Big Ten team plays in, I root for them because when it comes to respected conferences I want the Big Ten to be mentioned in the same breath as the SEC. The Big Ten will have one more chance to improve upon the 1-5 record when representative, Ohio State, meets Texas in the Fiesta Bowl on Monday. I’m confident that Ohio State will get the job done.

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