Wednesday, February 4, 2009

According To Kurz...The Super Bowl - 10 Things I Liked, 10 Things I Didn't Like

After two weeks of build-up for Americas greatest game, here are the 10 things I liked, and the 10 things I didn’t like about this years Superbowl.

10 I things I liked:
1) Mike Tomlin is a great coach, and is the pioneer for a new generation of much younger professional coaches. In his second year he has as many Lombardi’s as Bill Cowher did in his 15 year run.

2) I really enjoyed NBC’s pregame show - which lasted five hours - especially when Bill Belichick broke down the film of each teams offense and defense. I found it very interesting to almost look through the eyes of one of football’s geniuses.

3) Bruce Smith, Rod Woodson, Derrick Thomas, Randall McDaniel, Bob Hayes, and owner, Ralph Wilson all deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. The effects of each of these individuals can be felt in the NFL to this day.

4) I was pleasantly surprised that President Barrack Obama actually chose a team to win the game, and was openly rooting for the Steelers. In years past, President Bush did a nice job of riding the fence before the game.

5) Kurt Warner is actually a family friend and I was happy to see him starting in the Super Bowl. I don’t know if there’s any other player that has gone from Super Bowl MVP to searching for a backup role to back on top, starting in the big game.

6) The Rooney family has always done an excellent job of running the Steelers franchise. They, now, hold the record for winning the most Lombardi Trophies with six, and they deserve every one of them.

7) Animal Planet’s alternative to the game, Puppybowl 5, was just as hilarious as it has been every year. The kittens at half-time stole the show.

8) Those E-Trade commercials with the baby talking stocks are still funny, and they keep getting funnier. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever see that baby at the Oscars 15 years from now.

9) Cardinal safety Adrian Wilson has always been a diamond in the rough out in Phoenix. I was happy he finally got some exposure. He played hard and tough the entire game, despite a losing effort.

10) I don’t feel this year’s game was better than last, but it’s a tough choice. There was a moment where I thought the game could have gotten out of reach for the Cardinals, but the game was exciting and had me on the edge of my seat.

10 b) Only 2 months until the NFL DRAFT!

10 Things I didn’t like:

1) The media over analyzing the Boldin and Todd Haley spat on the sideline of the NFC championship. Stuff like this happens a lot more than people know about, players and coaches want to win and sometime emotions flare.

2) The Chicago Bears weren’t playing this year…next year is our year!

3) The pre-game was good, I enjoyed Tony Dungy, Mike Holmgren and others, but Matt Millen? The guy that put together possibly the worst team in NFL history is one of the last opinions I want. I have a feeling if the Lions had not fired him, we could see them trading up to the number 1 overall pick to select Michael Crabtree.

4) No trash talk? No arrests? No prostitutes? Superbowl week was too quiet this year. It’s almost as if players are getting Commissioner Roger Goodels message.

5) I am still not in favor of the media voting for the Hall of Fame. I think players and coaches and current members should vote. If this were the case I have a hunch Chris Carter and Shannon Sharpe both may have not been left out.

6) Despite a few gems, again the commercials were not all that funny or creative, very disappointing.

7) James Harrison played hard and almost un-blockable showing why he won Defensive Player of the Year, but his cheap shots late in the game on a defenseless Cardinals player was disheartening to see.

8) Kurt Warner’s “fumble” at the end of the game was not reviewed very long. The more and more I see the replay, the more I think it was an incomplete pass. If it was ruled just that, and on top of the personal foul the Steelers received, the Cardinals would have had the ball at the Steelers 30 yard line. But I guess we’ll never know.

9) I respect and enjoy watching Troy Polamalu play, but he missed way too many tackles that night. He put his head down and didn’t wrap up on many occasions, very un-characteristic for the ball-hawking safety.

10) Football is over…college spring ball couldn’t be here soon enough.

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