Monday, March 16, 2009

Apparel Watch...Kenneth Cole NY Moon Mission Sneaker

I ran across this sneaker as I was flipping through my March issue of GQ. In the ad, a model wore a slim-fitting grey suit, white shirt, navy tie, and these navy sneakers. While the suit was nice, it was the sneakers that caught my eye. I've always appreciated the idea of wearing sneakers with a suit as long as the sneakers were either monochrmoatic or stripped of any major eccentric details. To me, this shoe has just enough of both qualities to go well with a grey or navy suit - and of course you'd wear them with jeans as well.

They're currently priced at $175 on As you can see in the pictures above the shoe comes in navy, crimson and brown. The shoe somehow zips up on the side (I have yet to figure out how) which is probably different than most of us are used to. Nevertheless, it's pretty cool. Below are the details from the website.

leather sneaker
inner ankle zip closure
leather lining
man-made sole


Steven said...

Yeah, I love this shoe too -- just waiting for it to go on sale!

Anonymous said...

They're selling for $108 in stores right now.

ttsteve said...

Awesome! Thanks for the update!

buy leather jacket online said...

Yeah, I love this shoe too -- just waiting for it to go on sale!

Matthew Mayberry said...

Where can I buy this shoe now

Anonymous said...

Matthew, I doubt you can find these any more. This style was available in 2009. No great loss though -- even though they look comfortable, they were the most uncomfortable tennis shoe I've ever owned. Absolutely NO support. I ended up donating mine to charity.