Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jay Cutler A Crybaby?...I Think Not

Denver Broncos quarterback, Jay Cutler, has officially stated that he wants to be traded from the Denver Broncos and, in some ways, I can't say I blame him. Denver head coach, Josh McDaniels, tried to acquire, then Patriots quarterback, Matt Cassel. I'm not sure I understood why McDaniels felt he needed Matt Cassel other than the fact that he wanted a new guy for the new direction he wants to take the Broncos. What this tells me is he doesn't have Jay Cutler in his future plans.

Some say that maybe he wanted to create competition at the position, but with the high price tag both QB's would be priced at, its not likely that the team would keep both. Cutler is being seen as a baby to some, but I know if I was in his shoes I'd be upset to and might even ask for a trade as well.

With the NFL being the big business that it is, why would you want to pay two QB's such big money when I'm supposed to be the guy? McDaniels is being stubborn by not budging on trying to keep Cutler in Denver. Sure, the guy lost more than he won, but that's not all his fault. The team was ranked 29th in overall team defense, in front of only the 4-12 Seahawks, the 2-14 Chiefs and the winless Lions. Now, any football fan worth a lick knows that defense wins championships and allowing 374.6 yards per game ain't cutting it. Last I checked, Cutler plays offense.

Lets not forget that Cutler threw for 4,526 yards, third most in the league, and 25 touchdowns, good for seventh best. The knock on him is he threw 18 INT's. But that's not so bad considering the QB's who also threw lots of picks; Brett Favre (22), Drew Brees (17), Ben Roethlisberger (15), and Kurt Warner (14). So you can't say he should be ousted for throwing too many picks; it's not why they lost games and it hasn't made him a terrible QB.

So, I think Cutler should be upset and I wouldn't be apposed to him landing in another uniform before next season. If McDaniels really wanted him, he'd try harder to keep him. And no, I'm not saying he has to pamper his star players, but if he wants to win, he might want to show a little more urgency in making amends with Cutler.

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