Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speaking of the Weather...Here's Mark Mathis

People often converse about the weather either because they have nothing else to talk about or the weather is truly spectacular. Well, in Bloomington,IN today - well, this week rather - the weather has been worthy of conversation.

On Monday I found myself scraping ice off my windows and wrapped like a mummy in a scarf, sweater, gloves, and my winter coat. I think the weather was around 30-degrees or below that day. Fastforward to today. It's 66 degrees outside! I think that's the biggest temperature swing I've ever been in with one week. It's all anyone can talk about, it seems.

All the talk got me thinking about a funny Charlotte,NC weather man I heard about from my girlfriend a while back while she interned in the city. She told me he was crazy; after seeing him myself on Youtube, I agree and you probably will too.

For his antics he was fired and then rehired over an agreement that he would tone things down. That's too bad; I wish I could've seen him live. He'd have me excited to check the weather everyday. For that reason, I applaud Mark Mathis - even if he is more subdued now.

Below are clips of "the old" Mark Mathis. Enjoy and prepare to laugh.

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Anonymous said...

He wasn't fired or hired on conditions that he calm down. He was fired after being sent to rehab for drugs & alcohol multiple times -- and walking out before treatment was over. Police kept several incidents under wraps -- such as him being picked up cruising for gay sex on Wilkinson Boulevard. He's back because the station was desperate for ratings, and thought an old star might find new footing on a morning show. Unfortunately, he's back to his old tricks.