Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Practice Has Begun!

Spring practice officially began for us Hoosiers yesterday, besides the meetings we had on Sunday and Monday, that is. I was energized by the prospects of what is to come and the team we are becoming. Yesterday was just the beginning of greatness.

The weather was perfect, 75-degrees with few clouds in the sky and a slight breeze blowing through the stadium. We practiced with no pads on, only helmets and shorts, but there was very little let up for us. Guys played fast, the defense consistently flew to the ball; the offense played hard and moved quickly. It wasn’t bad for the first day.

I read on IU’s official athletic website that I was explosive. All I can say is thank you to that, because there was only one word to some up how I felt about my performance yesterday – rusty. I felt like the obvious – like I hadn’t played football in four months. However, I don’t recall having any missed assignments (MA’s) and I didn’t put the ball on the ground (knock on wood). My fellow running backs all looked very good. It was especially nice to see D McCray out there making smooth cuts, as I’ve always loved to watch him run.

Today, I’ve been walking around with sore ankles, feet and my hip flexors keep popping. I guess that’s to be expected. I’m looking forward to a great practice tomorrow. More plays to be installed, more learning to take in and more plays to make.

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Good luck Bryan!