Monday, April 6, 2009

Apparel Watch...Supra Vaider Purple Patent Shoe

These shoes first caught my eye while I was sitting in one of my journalism classes about a month ago when one of my classmates strolled in wearing them. I should've known he'd wear some shoes like these because the guy has a style that's mad fresh. It was ironic because not long before that I had just been explaining to some of my fellow writers/editors at the IDS how I really want a pair of bold, purple sneakers. I failed to ask him where he bought the shoes, but I went and checked them out myself.

I found the shoes this past weekend at Zumiez in the College Mall here in Bloomington. Priced at $94.95, the shoes appear to be well worth it, as I thought they'd be closer to $150. One of the employees told me the shoes had been flying off the racks and they only had a limited amount of sizes left. When asked if they'd ever go on sale, she left me with little hope. Nevertheless, you can find them on numerous online shoe sites for the same price with all of the sizes available. The only downside is shipping and handling. The shoe details are below.

Features of this shoe include a high top with vulcanized sole, extra heel protection molded into comfortable high memory polyurethane insole, SupraFoam® midsole providing entire foot impact resistance, optimal shoe flex and board feel, ankle support and PU leather lining. New metal sliding tongue logo.


Dominick Stella said...

Nice write up on these kicks. Although I am not a big fan of Zumiez. I am a skateboarder and I feel like they are a cop out for a real skate shop. I understand it's a place for the casual everyday person to enjoy the fashion wear that a typical skater may be involved in, but promoting a skater/westcoast style and promoting it as something mainstream kind of gets under my skin. Most people that shop there want to look a certain way that skaters have established, but the people don't know much or care about skateboarding. Similarly I would never shop at a store such as hollister because it doesn't fit my life style. This may come off as a broad generalization and a stereotyping, but there is truth to be said here. Also, shoes in this style are available at mailorder skateshops that not everyone knows about but there are kicks just as fresh as these that can be found at oh say,,, Something about this topic gets under my skin because I think that the way someone dresses tells us a lot about them. A businessman wears a tie to show he is professional, an athlete a uniform with a number and possible name and skaters have their look. Posers aren't appreciated. Be yourself. Regardless of my opinion on that topic, these are real fly shoes. From a skating standpoint, not so durable and definitely not worth even 100. There simply are more durable shoes for cheaper. But if you are strictly looking to just look smooth and represent your style, they're great.

Thanks for posting this. Interesting and possibly more layered in opinion than many may think.

"Pops" said...

thanks for the feedback Dominick. I do agree that Zumiez is kind of a poser for as I've noticed that they're not really skateboarders working in there. Rather, they are more gothic types.

Nevertheless I do like some of their gear, and there are times when I feel like looking like a skater kid. But I am not a skater for sure. It's a store with a great look...Though I wish they'd clean up their in-store music.