Monday, April 6, 2009

Usher + Taylor Swift = "An Unexpected Love Story"

This is the sickest video-remix I've seen. It's done by 99allins via Youtube and combines Usher's "Love In This Club" and Taylor Swift's "Love Story". I've never seen any videos from 99allins before but if he continues to mash videos together this good, he's got a bight a future. Enjoy.


Justine Carlotta said...

This is good, and that says a lot because I'm usually not a huge mash-up fan.

Matthew said...

Did you ever see the mega mashup that DJ Earworm did last year called United States of Pop(2008)?

It isn't as well done with merging together like one video since it's more about the songs but it still looks tight.

He also did a 2007 version and another mashup called No More Gas

"Pops" said...

I'll check that out Matt. Thanks.