Sunday, April 5, 2009

See What Michelle Obama Wears Everyday!

My favorite outfit of hers from the past week

We all know that First Lady, Michelle Obama, is an instant fashion icon. She maintains elegant style while keeping her wardrobe modern, young and sexy. She has a great body and isn't afraid to display it with great sophistication by wearing select form-fitting dresses and baring her arms routinely.

Today, I discovered a blog that shows and discusses what Michelle Obama wears every day. The site is

What I love is how she shows off her wonderful style while not always wearing $2,000 dresses or shoes. She wears J. Crew just like many other women (and men for that matter).

I've decided to post the outfit I like best for each week on my blog, as her style is an inspiration to me as well.

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Anonymous said...

she looks like she is all out of wack, her shoulder are slunch forward, she does not look comfortable at all, lets face she has no poise, by all mean please dp not compare her to Jackie Kennedy. And she aint no Carla Bruni either!