Sunday, April 5, 2009

Critic: Woods in denial about race

Critic: Woods in denial about race

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Saw this piece on ESPN Outside The Lines this morning. In my opinion, the reason why there aren't many black people playing golf is because of how much it costs. It's more of an affordability issue than an ability issue. There are basketball courts on many corners and all it takes is a ball, a few people and a milk crate to play. Whereas, in order to play golf, you have to have the money to be successful. That's what keeps black people away.

As far as Tiger Woods reaching out to black golfers, I feel he does a lot in inspiring all golfers, let alone minorities. Sure, he could do more, but all he's required to do is be the best person, father, husband, and golfer he can be. By doing those things, he inspires everyone. He does have a foundation that reaches out to many golfers, including minorities and, to me, that's enough if he wants it to be.

The impact Tiger has on the game of golf is unprecedented. He plays hard, he is a minority, he shows us everyday that you don't have to be white to make it. I think he does more than some realize. If he decides to reach out more - cool. But if he doesn't that's cool, too because he's a huge inspiration already.

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