Friday, April 3, 2009

Thom Browne Print Ad

Superstar, buzzworthy fashion designer, Thom Browne uses his signature aesthetic contrastive simplicity (which, trust me, is still simple) in his Spring '09 print ad. It's pretty straight forward, focusing on the models and their suits, instead of the surroundings, as Thom Browne usually likes to incorporate a theatrical setting for his shows and ads. It gives the audience a clear visual of what the clothes are meant to represent. But here, there are only six models, each dressed in black trademark Thom Browne suits. The strap covering their eyes comes in Thom Browne signature colors.

A cool thing about the ad is it features Thom Browne, himself in the center (fourth from the left). One day, I will own a Thom Browne suit - one day.

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Steelcut said...

The models in the ad all work (or worked) for Thom Browne. I own a lot of Thom Browne suits, shirts, pants, and ties. I love them all. Good luck getting your suit! :-)