Sunday, April 5, 2009

NIKE Air Yeezy's Dropped Today

I know I'm kinda late in posting this info, but Kanye West's NIKE Air Yeezy's dropped today. On Friday I made some calls to Finish Line and Foot Locker to see if they were carrying the shoes. When I called Foot Locker, a guy working at the store in Fort Wayne acted like me asking if they carried the shoes was a dumb question. He said, "The Air Yeezy's? I don't think we're carrying those. They're like $225." Duh. Didn't Foot Locker carry Air Jordans? And some of those shoes were priced over $200.

The shoes kind of look like some sort of moon boots but I love them - sure it helps that Yeezy designed them - but I really do like them. I plan on getting them at some point. Though, it sounds like I may have to order them online, because I failed to find the shoes at most Finish Line stores.

Nevertheless, the shoes are all over Chicago and other big cities. I'm such a fan of Kanye that I actually would consider a trip to the Chi to get me a pair of Yeezy's. But, I'm busy so I'll settle for online.


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