Sunday, June 21, 2009

Positivity and Knowledge From My Aunt Poke

My Aunt Poke told me something about myself today that I think is so true. She said, “Bryan, you don’t have conversations, you have events.”

That statement came out of a conversation about how proud she was of me for pursuing my dreams and staying on the right path and out of trouble, unlike so many family members before me. When she said that, I didn’t pause, I didn’t even stop to ponder why she said it. But it did hit me like a cool dose of water on a blistering hot day – it was refreshing.

Once our conversation was done, I handed the phone to my mom so they could talk before thinking more about what she said. It’s actually so true. I love talking to people and I’ve always seen conversations with people as events and privileges. I see them as “Thank and You’re Welcome” moments like Kanye West describes in his book.

“Great ‘Thank You and You’re Welcome’ moments happen when both parties give and both parties gain.” – Kanye West

I just recently tweeted via Twitter “The greatest thing about being a journalist is getting to talk to cool and interesting people and get paid for it.” Don’t get that twisted; it’s not about the money. The point is I just love discussing things. I can probably talk someone’s head off if they let me – and don’t bring up writing, fashion, sports, or life in general, then it’s over.

I feel that while, I do have my flaws, I’m a pretty likable guy and pretty personable. I use my conversations to give people something and to get something from others. I want to leave them feeling better for having spoken to me, and vice versa. I guess, the problem with most people is all they do is try to get something from someone but they don’t want to give in return. Those are not “Thank You and You’re Welcome” moments.

It’s funny to me how my Aunt Poke could tell this even though she doesn’t always see me converse with others from her home Detroit. But she knows me well, she’s seen how I operate, she’s read my writing and she talks to my mom, her sister, about me.

Needless to say, her comment, along with talking to my dad today before he went into work, made my day. I could also tell that she was very happy to speak to her successful nephew. She gave me an injection of positive energy and has me ready to work even harder in this last half of summer. Thanks Aunt Poke and you’re welcome.

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