Monday, November 30, 2009

Morning Muse: Leighton Meester for GQ

I've never seen Gossip Girl. Nor am I a girl who gossips. Nevertheless, I've found Leighton Meester to be unavoidable. Her look is both sexy and relaxed and on top of that she's said to be a "guy's girl" by one of her Gossip co-stars, Chase Crawford. In addtion to acting she's got an album set to be released in January 2010. Her first single, "Somebody to Love" features Robin
Thicke and yes, she's that girl on Cobra Starship's "Girl Girls Go Bad". Very fitting since on Gossip, the 23 year-old Meester plays Blair Waldorf, a ball of bitchiness, predominance and sensitivity - nothing like Meester. "Blair is so controlling and such a worrier; Leighton is relaxed," says co-star Ed Westwick to GQ. That's too bad, as this leaves Meester's fans with that much less to gossip about. Check out the full article on Meester here.

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