Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Coldest Story Ever Told...Kanye Drops His VH1 DVD/CD

Kanye West's VH1 "Storytellers" DVD/CD finally dropped today...and I won't be buying it because I'm broke at the moment. But as soon as I come into some dough I'm gonna cop it.

The concert was originally filmed in February in Los Angeles, where he performed both old and new hits before giving their back stories. The DVD features three performances that were not originally broadcast: "Street Lights," "Paranoid" and "Homecoming" in addition to a Q&A session with West. The CD features the live audio version of the concert. The track list is below.

1. "See You in My Nightmares"
2. "Robocop"
3. "Flashing Lights"
4. "Amazing"
5. "Touch the Sky"
6. "Say You Will"
7. "Good Life"
8. "Heartless/Pinocchio's Story"
9. "Stronger"

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