Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Indianapolis Monthly Internship Begins

I started my new internship with Indianapolis Monthly magazine on Monday of this week. Today will be day four of my five months here in Indy. The first day didn't consist of much, as many of the editors were either very busy or had little to do. It didn't bother me much because it allowed all of the new interns to sit down and meet each other.

I'm one of the only male interns here, which I hear is typical. With that being said, the guys who are here are really cool. The female interns are nice because they offer different perspectives. They're fun, smart and cute. Oh, and they're hard-working journalists, too.

It's only been three full days and I've already set up four written stories (three of them due next week), which I'm very excited about. The first is a Q&A on Matt Fields, the owner and designer for DOPE Couture, a streetwear clothing line based out of Bloomington, but the guy is from Indy and his clothes are nationwide. The kicker: he's hosting the Jay-Z after party on March 20.

The second story due next week is a Q&A for our annual remodeling section in our March issue. This one might not be as exciting as the DOPE Couture story but it's cool.

The third is a simple thing for the March News and Notes section.

The fourth is pretty cool because I have to track down Roselvelt Colvin, who played in the NFL a long time for the Bears and Patriots, where he won some super Bowl rings. Turns out, he's from Indy and has moved back here to live out his post-career. That story is due in early February. should be fun. I'll keep you updated.

I love the internship so far. I plan to attack everyday with passion and effort. That way I'll be successful and have fun at the same time.


Caitlin said...

Sounds like things are going great! Can't wait to see the stories, especially the one about Rosevelt Colvin

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim Hannel gave me your link to your blog...she thought we might be able to get together sometime.

I interned at the Monthly, we'll say, over 5 years ago (because I'm too incoherent to think of the actual date; and a little embarassed at how long ago it was/how old I'm getting to be). I also have a degree in fashion design and magazine journalism from Syracuse (I hear you like some of those things too? ;))

Kim should be giving you my email, I look forward to hearing from you!

Lauren Ballard