Friday, January 1, 2010

Video: Jay-Z x Swizz Beats - "On to the Next One"

While celebrating the New Year last night at Calhoun Street Soups, Salads and Spirits I saw the debut of Jay-Z's video for "On to the Next One" featuring Swizz Beats. The video blew my mind and I couldn't even hear it! The visual aspects of the video were enough to amaze me. I dare another artist to make a better video than this one in 2010. Now, ain't that something? The year's best video probably will have been shown on the first day. That's why Jay-Z is the best. He continues to change the game of hip-hop.

The video, directed by Anthony Mandler, comes on the heels of Jay-Z's "Young Forever" video released on the web last week (also directed by Mandler). The video is futuristic, dark, edgy and chic all at the same time. It's quite avant garde for hip-hop and looks like something Lady Gaga would do - perfect for the New Year. I love this video...and I want the jacket Jay-Z has on in it.

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