Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kanye West's Horus Chain

Kanye West made his triumphant return from exile by opening the BET Awards on June 27 with his new single, "Power". While he rocked his performance on top of a faux mountain rapping to everyone down below, I couldn't help but notice the huge chain hanging from his neck. All of us Kanye fans have grown accustomed to the Jesus piece he consistently wore. But this was no Jesus piece.

It was a "Horus" chain custom made for him by the often hip-hop name-dropped "Jacob the Jeweler". According to mythology, a Horus is the ancient Egyptian god of the sun, son or borther of Osiris and Isis, represented as having the head of a hawk. Horus means "the high-flying one."

According to multiple websites, the chain costs a reportedly $300,000. I'm wondering if Kanye will rock the chain elsewhere or if it was just for the performance. Either way, I'm elated to see him back. Word is, his album, titled Good Ass Job, drops September 14th.

Check more pics and the video Kanye's performance below.

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