Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mad Men. Nice Style.

I've only watched Mad Men in passing. I know, I know. Big mistake on my part. While I may be late in becoming a regular viewer of the show, I've always admired the style. GQ and Esquire fell in love with the look, therefore, so did I. I've even adopted it with a couple of dark, tailored suites, crisp white shirts, and the famous straight, white pocket square. Word is the outfits have been slightly toned down for the season 4 premiering July 25.

If my roommate and I decide to get cable I will be watching it. Although I'm not sure I'll know what's going on, as I'll be drooling over Christina Hendricks.

Check out this video featuring Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant giving a preview of the clothes you can expect to see in season 4.

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