Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Uffie. Hot Mama with a Hot Album.

I was browsing through the iTunes store last week sampling new music when I came across a unique sound of electro hip-hop/pop from an artist who I found to be sexy, but one I'd never heard of. Who was this artist? Her name is Uffie.

I listened to the 30-second snippet of all 17 tracks on her studio debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans (released June 11) and was really impressed. She sounds like an artist who won't sell a hell of a lot, but she'll garner a strong niche audience. I'm also betting she probably puts on one hell of a concert.

Born in Miami, raised in Hong Kong, and living in Paris, Uffie is a sassy young thing who raps tough lyrics over auto-tuned, synthy beats. The media have already compared her sound to Ke$ha. Uffie was recently interviewed by Complex magazine where she addressed that issue along with tattoos, hickeys, and guns. It turns out she's a 22-year-old divorcee and just had a daughter. But, before you say "Yikes!", know that this sexy mama still loves to party and her music reflects it. I have yet to buy her album, but I will soon. So, count me in that special niche. And yes, I think she's better than Ke$ha.

Below is her video for her first single "Pop The Glock"

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