Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New York Observations Part II

I'm back in good 'ol Indiana but I still have more observations to spill.

Men in New York are always popping their collars - even on their suit jackets! I was somewhat surprised by this, but I did like it. On my last day in the city I decided to pop mine as well. Although, I was wearing a Nautica shirt where underneath the collar were the words "Nautica". Therefore, it needed to be shown.

Walking on Broadway in Soho is like attending a fashion show - or 20 of them. I saw so many different styles there. It was amazing. Big shades, bold leggings, jagged hemlines, cropped pants, crazy hairdo's, bold tank tops, sequins, feathers, big handbags, boots of all kinds, suits, ties, flannels, etc. I could go on and on. As my style continues to evolve, I'll fit right in.

'The Espy II" at ESPN Zone on 4 Times Square is the best alcoholic drink I've ever tasted. Although, it was $10 a glass.

The Subway system seems intimidating if you've never used it. I know I was worried about it. But once I actually got over my worry and fear, I found it to be quite easy. Now, I did get lost trying to get to Soho and somehow ended up in Brooklyn ( I really liked BK, too), but I recovered and by the end of the week I was good. If you're ever in New York and you're not sure how to get around just go to It's the mapquest for the subways/buses.

With that being said, I can see why same people are willing to pay more in order to live in the city, closer to work instead of going cheaper by living on the outskirts. I'd consider doing the same.

Times Square is all that you see on TV and more. Billboards are HUGE and everything is just on a grand scale. It's almost ridiculous, but I love it.

Nothing is weird in New York. I mean nothing. You an be you no matter how weird you think you may be and people will appreciate it.

The only grass I saw in the city was at Bryant Park. And it's beautiful. I'd get married in that park.

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